VIP Blackjack Live

VIP Blackjack Live
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Blackjacks are amongst the most loved games across all casino players, and owing to its high popularity, the gaming corporations remain busy in developing different variants of this game. This time, in order to provide a real touch to its casino players, Extreme Live Gaming has added a new & exciting VIP Blackjack Live game, to its list. This game is for sure, going to be loved by all Blackjack players as it offers higher betting options, then the other standard Blackjack games.

About the Developer of the VIP Blackjack Live

Extreme Live Gaming may be a smaller operator, but they build such games that are not only exciting but also have the crisp, nice outlook design which makes them highly attractive for the slot players. In the recent past, Extreme Live Gaming has empowered various Blackjack games that are slightly different from other previous versions, in one or another way. VIP Blackjack Live’s major difference, which makes it quite different from the previous live dealer Blackjack games, is that it offers some great chances to high-rollers, to win some huge payouts during the gameplay.

Placing bets

The VIP Blackjack Live game can be played with a minimum bet of £25 a hand, and if the players are super-flush then they can go up to a maximum bet, which may cost them around £2,500 per hand. Moreover, it is also possible to place side-bets in this Blackjack game, but it may alter the house edge of this game.


During their VIP Blackjack Live gameplay, the players can make wins at the rate of 3:2, for achieving the Blackjack and thrashing the dealer. If the players land any sort of win against the dealer, then they will see their pocket wins at the 1:1 pay-rate. Whereas, with the insurance bet, the players can bag wins at the 2:1 pay-rate. The Players may also achieve a pocket of 12:1 for the Coloured Pair side-bet, as well as 25: 1 for the Perfect Pair side bet.

Final Thoughts

The VIP Blackjack Live is one of the best live casino games that one can ever come across. This game has fascinating graphics, along with an electrifying soundtrack that makes it more appealing and attractive for the slot players. Moreover, with the availability of high betting options, the high rollers can earn some good amounts during the gameplay. Thus, it is worthy of checking out.

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