Roulette Live

Roulette Live
Roulette Live
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Game Type Live Dealer
Provider Netent
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RTP 94-96
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Evolution Gaming is known for their array of online casino games comprising of video slot, card and table games. With Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming, they have developed a casino table game that stays true to the basics. The aim of this online Roulette is for players to place a bet on a number that they feel the Roulette ball should land on. This is similar to brick and mortar Roulette many players are used to. Read on to learn more about this game.

A European Style Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming

In Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming, you have a wheel that has the standard numbering system of 1 to 36 with only one zero. With one zero in this Roulette, it follows the tradition of European style Roulette games. There is a specific time frame that is allocated to players within which they are expected to place their respective bets.

Once bets have been placed, the live dealer drops the ball on the spinning Roulette game wheel. As soon as the ball stops on a pocket with a number on the wheel the dealer announces if you have won or not. You will emerge a winner when the ball stops on the number you placed a bet on.

Types Of Bets

Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming comes with a number of betting options. The type of bet you select comes with their own number range as well as a rate of payout. Those bets that are placed on spaces with numbers or those lines that exist in between the spaces with numbers are known as Inside Bets. However, those bets that are placed on some boxes that are located at the bottom left-hand side of the board are referred to as Outside Bets.

There are also Neighbour as well as Special Bets. To activate a Neighbour or Special Bet you will have to click on the button saying “Neighbour & Special Bets”. Once this is done you will be able to see a number of Special Bets that you can place. You will also be able to have access to the racetrack that ensures the placement of both bets.

Some Inside And Outside Bets In Roulette Live

For the Inside Bets of Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming you have the following;

  • A Straight Up Bet: Here you have to directly place your betting chips on one number and that includes the single zero.
  • A Split Bet: You place your betting chips on that line that separates two different numbers. This can be placed on the horizontal or vertical line.

There are also Street, Corner (covers a total of 4 numbers) and Line Bets (covers 6 numbers) that can be placed under an Inside Bet.

For the Outside Bet you have the following:

  • A Column Bet: Where you have to place your betting chips in a box that has “2 to 1” marked out on a column with 12 different numbers excluding zero.
  • A Dozen Bet: Here there are 3 boxes and players have to place their betting chips in just one box. These boxes are labelled as “First 12”, “Second 12” and “Third 12”.
  • Other Outside Bets are Red or Black and Even or Odds Bet where betting chips are placed to cover either the 18 even numbers or the 18 odd numbers. However, the single zero is not part of the numbers under these Outside Bets.

To Sum Up

Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming is a fun, fast and lively online European styled Roulette game to play. The live dealer action and betting timeframe further enhance the overall gameplay. Players have a variety of bets to place similar to brick and mortar Roulette games which are also a good thing.

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