Rocket Men

Rocket Men
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Game Type Video Slot
Provider Red Tiger Gaming
Theme Fantasy
Reel Type 5
RTP 94-96
Payline 20
Volatility Medium

Rocket Men

No one would have thought that Nuclear Armageddon can be a slot theme game. But Red Tiger Gaming has made it possible with its new Rocket Men slot. This is a 5-reel slot with 20 pay lines.

The slot features two of the most talked about leaders in the world, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Sounds already interesting? Well, you’ll have to pay a minimum of 20p and a maximum of £500 to watch both these leaders launching rockets for you. You can enjoy this slot on your computer, tablet and mobile phone as well.

Meet the Rocket Men of Red Tiger Gaming

Rocket Men, just like its theme, features some different, yet amazing slot symbols. You’ll see ducks wearing army helmet, lap dancers bum, Don tattoo, and a burger with dynamite on the reels. Of course, how can we forget the Rocket Men? Yes, you’ll have Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un as the slot symbols helping you trigger the bonus features and win some handsome cash.

An explosive bomb is a wild of the game which is also a top paying symbol rewarding you with 500 coins per pay line.

Rocketing features up for grabs

  • The slot offers some exclusive features – Don’s driving range, Kim’s little game, boom time and party time feature, and nuclear spins feature.
  • Don’s Driving Range feature – To trigger this feature, you need to land a Trump. Once the feature is triggered, the Donald Trump symbol will appear at the top of the tower and whack golf balls onto the reels. Whatever symbols are hit by the balls make a winning combination.
  • Kim’s Little Game feature – This feature is triggered when you land a Kim symbol. Kim then appears on his tower and launches missiles onto the reels, as a result, the reels turn into wild and you get a new payout.
  • Boom Time feature – In this feature, Kim launches a missile on his target. You win prizes depending on to what symbol the missile hits.
  • Party Time feature – During this feature, Don literally slaps a variety of asses, which reveals different cash awards.
  • Nuclear Spins feature – In this feature, both Kim and Don, together, fire missiles onto the reels and you get unlimited free spins until one of the rocket men wins the rocket war.

To Sum Up

Rocket Men by Red Tiger Gaming is truly a different and hilarious theme with equally amazing features that offer some explosive actions.

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