Medusa Scratch Card

Medusa Scratch Card
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RTP 94-96
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Medusa was that titan in Greek mythology that was half human and half snake. She had a gaze that would turn unsuspecting warriors into stone and she also had snakes for hair. However, while this is all intriguing what is important is that this myth is now an online scratch card game known as Medusa Scratch Card. This is a scratch card game created by NextGen and comes with very good graphics and sound. It also promises players significant payouts as well, so read on to find out more.

Reveal All In Medusa Scratch Card

You start off Medusa Scratch Card by clicking on the large “PLAY” icon after placing their bets. The minimum bet is just 20p while the maximum bet is £200 per card. Once you click the “PLAY” button, you then have to unveil a single scratch card panel one after the other. Note that there are 9 scratch card panels in all.

However, if you are like many players and you want a game to end as soon as possible, then you can click on the “Reveal All” option. This option will unveil all the selected scratch card panels all at once to see the symbols underneath.

Land 3 Identical Symbols For A Win

Whenever you unveil 3 identical icons you will earn a win. There are several symbols hidden behind the scratch card panel and some of these symbols include; medallions, slippers, snakes and Greek structures of ancient times. The symbols are all related to the theme of Medusa Scratch Card. Other symbols include; spears, shields, horses and the titan herself.

Multiplier Wins In Medusa Scratch Card

As you match up three identical symbols from unveiling the symbols under the scratch card panels, a win is earned. Each win in Medusa Scratch Card offers a multiplier and this multiplier rises depending on the size of your bet.

There is a reward window that is displayed over your scratch card and this shows the multiplier value. It is possible to earn a top jackpot prize of 1,000x your staked sum during the base game. You can also double this reward in the bonus game by earning a 2,000x stake multiplier.

To Sum Up

This online scratch card game is fast-paced especially when the “Reveal All” option is used. You can commence game after game in the shortest possible time with wins coming thick and fast. The graphics are decent and gameplay very simplistic.

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