Fantastic Fireworks

Fantastic Fireworks
Fantastic Fireworks
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Game Type Video Slot
Provider IGT
Theme Fantasy
Reel Type 5
RTP 97-99
Payline 25
Volatility Low

Fireworks are certainly fantastic in all respects! The effect as they arc across the sky, form intricate patterns and then explode like a thousand combined claps of thunder are, yes, fantastic!

Should you happen to have a soft spot for fireworks, then there is no doubt that the Fantastic Fireworks slot by IGT has your name on it in capital letters! Interested in finding out more? Then read on.

Have Fantastic Fun With The Fantastic Fireworks Slot!

This Fantastic Fireworks online slot is set out in a 5×5 grid. The setting is a nighttime city scene, with the stars providing most of the illumination. Taking up most of the space on the right is a massive rocket that looks big enough to take astronauts to Mars!

Every featured icon in view is a firework of sorts. The gameplay objective is simple enough and involves forming either a trio of matching icons vertically or horizontally. These icons then detonate, thereby creating space that other fireworks fill in.

A wild is featured here and like any other wild, it replaces all the other icons on its way to forming wins, save for the rocket bonus icon.

Bonus Features

  • Special Icons: In the Fantastic Fireworks slot, it is possible for special icons to be formed via the following means:
  • Boom: from a four-of-a-kind win
  • Crisscross: from a pair of intersecting wins consisting of an identical icon
  • Super: formed from a five-of-a-kind win.

These icons remain on the reels till they either form a matching combo or are claimed by the actions of other special icons as follows:

  • Boom: This explodes every neighbouring icon
  • Crisscross: This detonates every icon in their own particular row and column
  • Super: This detonates all copies of the commonest icon
  • Rocket Bonus: The massive rocket to the right of the reels has its segments filled up when players land sparkler icons or a rocket bonus icon. The following rewards are then awarded
  • Free Spins: 8 free spins are initially awarded here. Another 4 more are up for grabs when players land 10 sparkler icons during this bonus round. Also, on every free spin in this bonus round, special icons are guaranteed to appear and enhance wins.

Cannon Bonus: This is a pick-and-win game with varied prizes being up for grabs.

To Sum Up

The Fantastic Fireworks slot is certainly engaging and explosive! The graphics are not all that eye-catching, but the varied bonuses in play help make up for it. Overall, this slots online is good enough to detonate lots of fun and action into the lives of players!

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