Dream Catcher Live

Dream Catcher Live
Dream Catcher Live
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Game Type
Provider Win a Day SoftwareOthers
Theme Fantasy
Reel Type 5
RTP 97-99
Payline 12
Volatility N/A

Confused on your skills when it comes to Poker or Blackjack games? Then try out Dream Catcher Live casino game, the all-new live dealer casino game from Evolution Gaming. It is a Live Money wheel game which is first of its kind. The game is completely simple to play but has all new innovative concept. So, you have something to try other than the online slots UK games.

Dream Catcher Live Gameplay

Many of you must have heard about the most popular 70s show Wheel of Fortune. It was famous because of its Fortune Wheel. This game is all about luck and there is no skill required, you just must give the wheel a spin and wait for the needle to land on your desired number. The Wheel is vertically mounted, filled with Rainbow colours and a dealer is standing in front of the wheel with a mike in his hand. You can communicate with the dealer via the game online chat box.

The wheel is completely unbiased which make the game 100% fair. The wheel would be set in motion by the dealer standing in front of the wheel and the cameras installed will record the live stream and will give you best HD view. Thanks to this latest camera technology which will give you 3D gaming experience. Other than this, the game becomes a lot more interesting when the sound-effects are given in the background. The massive wheel is divided into 54 segments all in different colours, out of which 52 segments have been marked with numbers- 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The remaining 2 segments has 2x multiplier and 7x as a multiplier. The Wheel is so huge that it makes the Dealer look like a dwarf before it.


With a minimum bet of 10p to maximum bet of around £1000, it is a huge amount and best suited for high spenders. The winning amount depends on the bet and the number you have chosen. The paytable of Dream Catcher Live is as follows:
1 = You get 1 to 1
2 = You get 2 to 1
5 = You get 5 to 1
10 = You get 10 to 1

Similar goes for 20 and 40. The 2x and 7x multiplier will multiply your next winning number by 2 and 7 respectively. Though there is not any specialised gaming strategy in Dream Catcher Live there are more chances of lowest numbers to win as the segments increases with the decrease in number. The number 1 has 23 segments, 2 has 15 segments, 5 has 7 segments and so on. So, chances increase if you play with low-value numbers.

To Sum Up

You can play Dream Catcher Live on any type of display resolution, size and exceptional gameplay – like other online casino games.

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