Dolphins Roulette

Dolphins Roulette
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Game Type Roulette
Provider ELG
Theme N/A
Reel Type N/A
RTP 97-99
Payline N/A
Volatility N/A

Launched by Extreme Live Gaming, Dolphins Roulette is a combination of European Roulette and a one-reel slot based on the Dolphins Pearl slot earlier launched in the market. The theme is completely underwater and you can find Dolphins, other sea creatures, and sea plants alongside the casino Roulette symbol in the game. Let’s see what the game is all about and how to play it.

Graphical Composition of Dolphins Roulette

The major colour featured in the game of Dolphins Roulette is blue. Since the game is underwater, the entire play takes place in the depths of an ocean. The whole game revolves around Dolphins and is an improvisation upon the classic Roulette. There is a Roulette wheel in the game and even a live dealer and a side slot that goes on alongside the main slot game. The screen contains a sidebar where you can find all useful game statistics that help you bet well. The game looks great visually. The effects, the designs, and the representation of symbols are all very effective and get you all absorbed in the game. There is no significant plot to the game and it is basically European Roulette with a twist for a video slot.

The Mechanism of the Game

The game follows all rules of classic European Roulette complete with a wheel and a zero. The player is required to pick a chip size and the bet is decided according to that. The bets can vary and can be a single number bet, or a bet on red or black or on an even or odd number. A side bet on the dolphin pearl can also be placed which increases the chances of winning. Any symbol from the game slot can be chosen and a wager needs to be placed. Then the one reel slot is set spinning and the player can earn a payout depending on the symbol that the reel stops on. Dolphin is the highest paying symbol with an 80x payout.

Love Classic Games with a Twist? Go for it

Dolphins Roulette does not provide you with a sense of adventure but if you like classic casino games and like the fusion of the real casino with video slots, Dolphins Roulette is a tempting option to try out.

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