Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal
Diamond Deal
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Game Type Video Slot
Provider Microgaming
Theme Adventure
Reel Type 1
RTP 91-93
Payline 10
Volatility Medium

Diamond Deal is the latest online casino game launched by Microgaming and as the name aptly suggests, the whole point of the game is to win more diamonds and enhance your points. The game unfolds in the classic casino style. The graphics and visuals look crystal clear as well. In a bid to understand the game more, let’s discuss salient features here.

Primary Theme of Diamond Deal

The whole game of Diamond Deal is diamond centred. The opening image is that of a deep blue, clear sky with diamonds scattered all over it. The image gradually makes way to the main game where you find the reels on the top right of the screen. The game is simple and very classic. No plots are hidden behind the game except 50 boxes with 10 hidden diamonds. You have to spin the reel and if the box it stops on has a diamond hidden, you can succeed. The other symbols on the reels are those of triple, double bars, cherries, and a seven.

The user interface of the game is simple and elegant and very user-friendly. You can easily find buttons to increase and decrease your bets, place your stakes, spin the reels, and check your balance. The scores and pays are also listed on the bottom right of the screen.

Bonus Features and the Rules

The game, being old school, features classic slots and the bonus system followed is in usual casino games. A bonus feature can be triggered if you win continuously in two or more spins. But in order to avail the bonus feature, you must bet a minimum of three coins. Once the bonus is enabled, a jewellery box symbol appears which is the jackpot symbol. This pays some really high payouts on the line depending on how much you have kept on the stake.

There is just one pay line in this 3-reel casino game and four lives for each player. You spin the reel and if any other symbol apart from the diamonds is landed, that is, if you lose, your points decrease and you lose a life. The game ends if you lose all 4 lives. The lives are all restored with every win.

Summing Up

Diamond Deal is not a game with a storyline and features simple, classic casino style of gambling. But if you are a real casino enthusiast, you will love it. Looking for some real, old style gambling? Make a Diamond Deal!

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