Classic Roulette

Classic Roulette
Classic Roulette
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Game Type Roulette
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Volatility Low

Roulette has always remained popular among casino lovers. Its popularity can be attributed to its ready availability on various platforms, no matter how many Roulette games are available on the internet. Nowadays, the players who love the concept of Roulette gameplay is now available online. Just log-in and start playing your favourite casino games online anytime.

One such game in the series is Classic Roulette. It is the European version of Roulette game. Not being very complicated to understand, this has become the name of the game for many as it is perfect for regular as well as seasoned players.

Basic Structure of Classic Roulette

Classic Roulette has one zero, not two zeroes as it is in American Roulette. The graphics of the game are very crisp and clear, which gives a unique feel to Classic Roulette, unlike games with special features and themes.

It is available to play on mobile as well as on the desktop and structured as an easy-to-use casino game having a user-friendly interface. Autoplay option is available in case you want the machine to spin itself and make the gaming faster. A history panel is also available to check previous winning numbers. You can play the game with some simple clicks and make a bet by clicking on the chosen area on the Roulette table. The bet can be increased or decreased by clicking on the piles of coins. The bet can be made on Red or Black, even or odd, the first twelve, the second twelve or the third twelve numbers. It can be done for the first eighteen and rest of the numbers too.

Layout and Buttons

Spin button is on the right side of the game. The players can find undo, redo, clear, select chip, repeat buttons on the top right there. There are some special bets named Tiers du Cylindre, Black splits, red Splits, Voisins du Zéro. Up to four of your favourite bets can also be saved. The paytable option will give you a detailed information about each bet type and its payouts. When you click on the spin button, the screen gets filled with the wheel so that you can see the ball revolving around the wheel.

To Sum Up

RTP of the Classic Roulette is 97.3%. The game has a very low edge and has a wide range of betting options that include your favourite, standard and announced bets. This game is simple and highly recommendable for its special features developed for the mobile users. Overall, it gives you a great experience and entertainment.

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