Cave Raiders

Cave Raiders
Cave Raiders
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Game Type Video Slot
Provider Nektan
Theme Wild
Reel Type 5
RTP 97-99
Payline 25
Volatility Medium

The mobile-based slot game is basically an archaeological treasure hunt based in a lush green rainforest. Following the adventures of two treasure hunting adventurer-archaeologist, Cave Raiders is a 5-reel game that has 25 paylines. The theme of this slot game is an exotic archaeological site rainforest where the main aim is to trek the forest and help the two adventurers hunt for the hidden treasure in the caves and caverns of this jungle.

Join the Cave Raiders on their adventure

Cave Raiders is full of adventures and intriguing symbols keep popping up every now and then. First of all, there are two characters. One is the lead male character with a typical explorer getup accompanied by his female sidekick who plays a pivotal role in the search. Apart from these characters, there are many other interesting symbols like the occasional skull surrounded by golden coins and a vintage aircraft. There is a wild symbol which is surprisingly golden and there are spin symbols that appear whenever you get a free spin. These symbols are all somewhat scattered and jump up to your surprise.
The payout increases as these symbols appear and you get a chance to get bonuses and multiple wins.


The game offers the highest bet of one coin at a time and so you can’t go very bold with your bets. The pay lines range from 1 to 9 and the minimum wager is 0.01. If you come across five 10 symbols, your bet gets enhanced by 80x. The same thing happens when you encounter five consecutive Js. The bet gets raised 100x on encountering 5 consecutive Qs or Ks. The golden skull symbol pays 150x. The female and male character symbols, however, pay 400x and 500x respectively. The highest paying symbol is the Cave Raiders logo which pays 1000x the bets.
There is also a 1000 coin jackpot which can be won through the golden statue symbol that unlocks many free spins.

Summing up

Cave Raiders is a search odyssey complete with excitement, excellent graphics and visuals and rushes of adrenaline every now and then. Since it is a mobile game, the graphics can appear plain at times but that is compensated by the free spins and winning scales. The bets that can be placed however are lower that keeps the game mostly safe for the players.

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