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Game Type Table GamesBlackjack
Theme N/A
Reel Type N/A
RTP 100
Payline N/A
Volatility Medium

Blackjack is a casino gambling card game that dates back to the 17th century. This is now known as a fact because at that time a card game known as Veintiuna was being played. Veintiuna means 21 in the Spanish language, and the card game was given a special mention in short stories by the 17th-century writer known as Miguel de Cervantes.

Over time, Blackjack’s popularity spread all over Europe, across the Atlantic to America, and eventually to the rest of the world, thus becoming a well sought after option for most gamblers.

Understanding Blackjack Casino Gambling Card Game

Whether you are playing the Blackjack gambling card game in a land based casino or online, it is important to know the rules of playing, before you actually decide to place the bets. The game is commenced between some players, and a dealer on a semi-circle or crescent table, with the objective being to defeat the live dealer.

To beat the live dealer, a player will need to have an overall card value that is higher than the total card value of the dealer. Although, the overall card value of the player should not be more than 21. Players can get a Blackjack, if the overall value of the first couple of cards they are dealing with, and add up to 21.

However, you will allow a live casino dealer to ’bust’ when you have an overall card value above 21. Every player in the game is dealt with two cards, and once they have been given the cards they can carry out the following;

  • Players can ‘Hit’, where they can obtain another card from the live dealer.
  • Players can ‘Stand’, where they do absolutely nothing.
  • If a player’s first couple of cards have a similar card value, the player can ‘Split’ and then play with two hands and not just one.
  • A player can also ‘Surrender’ which is where a player has the option of giving up, after they have seen their first couple of cards. Players will not be able to get back their entire bet, but they can secure half of their staked amount.
  • Players can also take an ‘Insurance’, which occurs when the first card of a dealer which is dealt facing upwards is an ace. The insurance is a 2:1 bet that is different from the base bet and is made, just in the event that a dealer has achieves a Blackjack.


Final Thoughts

Blackjack is highly profitable to gamblers who are looking to profit from either a land based game, or a more in-demand online casino gambling card game version.

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