Blackjack with 21+3 Bet

Blackjack with 21+3 Bet
Blackjack with 21+3 Bet
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Game Type Table Games
Provider Felt LTDOthers
Theme N/A
Reel Type N/A
RTP 94-96
Payline N/A
Volatility N/A

21+3 Blackjack is just one of the numerous blackjack variants in existence and is made by the Felt Gaming Company. It can be played for free in the demo mode or for real money and features a nice list of betting options. Read on for more details:

The Fun Never Stops With 21+3 Blackjack!

21+3 Blackjack uses the American version of blackjack casino that’s tweaked for the online experience. It makes use of 6 decks of cards, with no joker being present. Each deck is carefully shuffled before gameplay.

There are two supported bet types in this variant and these are the main and side bets. During gameplay 1 or multiple boxes can be used, with the stake per box varying from 0.50 to 500 credits. As well, players are permitted to make varying bets per box.

The gameplay objective here is to outpoint the dealer per box, without however exceeding 21.

These are the rules:

  • The player gets 2 cards from the dealer. The dealer deals 2 cards to himself and then uncovers one of these.
  • Should this face-up card be an Ace, the dealer checks for a Blackjack hand
  • If the dealer’s hand is a Blackjack, no cards are placed in the players’ boxes.
  • The Insurance side bet is permitted.
  • Splits are supported just once per box.
  • Just a single card can be dealt to split aces
    Blackjack is not possible on boxes that are the result of a split
  • No surrender is allowed

A regular box pays out 1:1, the insurance bet pays out 2:1, while blackjack pays out 3:2.

Side Bets In 21+3 Blackjack

The side bets options in play are independently drawn from the main bets, but it is not possible to place them separately. These cost from 0.10 to 250 credits and the payout are as follows:

  • Flush – 5:1.
  • Straight – 10:1.
  • Three of a Kind – 25:1.
  • Straight Flush – 40:1.
  • Three of a Kind, same suit – 100:1.

Gameplay Options In 21+3 Blackjack

There are lots of gameplay options in this blackjack variant. These can help speed up the game and consist of the speed play option, rebet, rebet2x and more. At the top of the screen is shown some useful game data, while the game rules, settings and paytable are available for perusal at the top left.

Final Thoughts

21+3 Blackjack offers lots of exciting gameplay options and is quite user-friendly.

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