Blackjack Lucky Lucky

Blackjack Lucky Lucky
Blackjack Lucky Lucky
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Game Type Blackjack
Provider Felt LTDOthers
Theme N/A
Reel Type N/A
RTP 100
Payline N/A
Volatility N/A

Blackjack Lucky Lucky is the work of Felt Gaming, who happens to be among the top creators of the most realistic, authentic and fascinating casino games around. As to what Blackjack Lucky Lucky is all about, read up on it below.

Lucky Fun And Action With Blackjack Lucky Lucky!

Blackjack Lucky Lucky is a blackjack variant that mostly follows standard blackjack rules. Its catchy name comes from its totally optional side bet option, which is known as the Lucky Lucky Side Bet.

Gameplay is performed against the dealer, with 6 decks containing 52 cards apiece being used. When playing on PC, players can simultaneously play a trio of hands. This provision is, however, restricted to a single hand in the mobile variant of the game.

Lucky Lucky Gameplay!

To begin play in Blackjack Lucky Lucky, players are required to first select their preferred chip sizes by using a chip selector located beneath the screen. Any chip values can be selected, so long as these are not more than the max allowable bet size. Incidentally, the main blackjack bet has low and max allowable bet sizes of ₤0.10 and 500, while the side bet option has bet sizes that range from ₤0.10 to ₤250.

Bets are made once the chip values desired have been selected and placed on the highlighted circles seen on the blackjack tables. Once the main blackjack bet has been made, players can also opt to play the Lucky Lucky side bet, which is accomplished in the same way as the main blackjack bet.

Next, the ‘Deal’ button is clicked and the gameplay begins. The cards are then dealt, with players getting a couple of face-up cards, while the dealer gets one each of a face-up card and a hole card.

If the Lucky Lucky side bet has been activated, then the initial cards of the players, as well as the up card of the dealer gets evaluated with regard to this side bet. The Lucky Lucky side bet wins when the initial cards of the player as well as the up card of the dealer have combined values of 19, 20 or 21.

For the main blackjack hand, players must, of course, aim at getting a hand whose worth is 21 or as close to that value as is practical. In pursuance of this objective, they are permitted to Hit and get another card or Stand and forego getting a hand that might enhance the one they already hold.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Lucky Lucky has a minimalistic screen, and packages the old game of blackjack in new clothes that make it look all fab!

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