Blackjack Lucky Ladies

Blackjack Lucky Ladies
Blackjack Lucky Ladies
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Game Type Table GamesBlackjack
Provider Felt LTDOthers
Theme N/A
Reel Type N/A
RTP 100
Payline N/A
Volatility N/A

Perish the thought brethren! Blackjack Lucky Ladies is in fact not designed for ladies only and is instead intended for anyone regardless of gender who loves blackjack like life itself!

Made by Felt Gaming, this online blackjack variant follows standard rules and offers up lots of pulse-racing suspense. It comes with ‘Any Queen’ and ‘Matched Twenty’ side bets, which are quite interesting to play. Do read on for more details.

Get All Lucky With Blackjack Lucky Ladies!

Like most other games on the market, Blackjack Lucky Ladies is played with the standard Blackjack rules. The objective remains to get a hand that’s worth 21, or one that has more value than the hand being held by the dealer. 6 card decks are used here, with players being permitted to play a total of 3 hands at the same time against the poor dealer.

The dealer here is obliged to stand on a soft 17 and blackjack pays out at 3:2. There is no supported surrender option, but the Insurance side bet is available and is to be used when the odds are good that the dealer is about to get a blackjack hand.

Graphically, the game is pleasing enough and rendered on a purple background, which might not, however, be to the tastes of all players. The gameplay is silky smooth as befits a Felt Gaming product, but could do with some speeding up.

Side Bet Options In Blackjack Lucky Ladies

The available side bet options are where the game takes its name from. The side bet is totally optional, with the ultimate hand being a couple of the Queen of Hearts.

A win is recorded in this side bet when the two initial cards of the player either total 20 or contain at least a single queen. The payout for getting a pair of Queen of Hearts is 100:1, but the chances of getting such a hand are quite low.

Other side bets include the Matched Twenty, which pays out at 30:1 and is won when a couple of cards featuring an identical suit and a face value that total 20 are gained. The Suited Twenty side bet, on the other hand, consists of a couple of cards having an identical suit that combined are worth 20. This pays out at 10:1.

There’s also the Any Queen side bet, in which at least one of the initial cards of the player has to be a queen. The payout here is 1:1.

Final Thoughts

The Blackjack Lucky Ladies is easy to get the hang of, has plenty of side bet options and offers simple but no less sweet fun and action.

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