Blackjack Grand VIP

Blackjack Grand VIP
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Game Type Table Games
Provider Evolution GamingOthers
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RTP 100
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Volatility N/A

Evolution Gaming has a number of online blackjacks casino games. To add to their impressive collection is the Blackjack Grand VIP Live. This game is brought to you live from their studios in Riga, Latvia. The whole playing screen of this blackjack variant is fantastic with the backdrop having a nice, elegant polished wood finish. The live dealer also enhances the gameplay and he/she is always willing to assist players throughout a gaming session. In addition, players will be able to venture into and gain a seat at a variety of blackjack tables.

How To Play Blackjack Grand VIP Live

Once you have decided on a blackjack table to play on in Blackjack Grand VIP Live, you then have to choose a seat. To do this you will need to click the “Sit Here” button once you highlight one out of seven available seats at your selected blackjack table.

The rules of this blackjack variant are no different from the standard rules of a typical blackjack game. Your objective is to have a card value that is much closer to a value of “21” compared to the card value of the dealer. If your card value is closer to “21” than the dealer’s, you will emerge the winner of a session.

Your payout will be directly dependent on the betting sum your place. If you place a maximum bet then you can expect the maximum payout expected whenever you win a session.

Understanding The Card Values

The card values for Blackjack Grand VIP Live are as follows:

  • Cards that are numbered between “2” and “10” will be rated at face value.
  • For the Jack, Queen and King cards their value is “10”.
  • The Ace is valued as either “1” or “11”. An Ace value is completely dependent on what is required during gameplay.
  • A blackjack simply means that you have a card value of exactly “21”. However, if a blackjack is not obtainable, you can try out any of the gameplay options stated below.

Blackjack Grand VIP Live Gaming Options

The gaming options of Blackjack Grand VIP Live include the following;

  • Double Down Option: Here you can double the betting amount that you place for a game.
  • A Split: Where your card value is similar for the first couple of cards you are dealt. You can receive two more cards by betting an extra amount. This is just like playing with a couple of hands of playing cards all at once.
  • Stand: In this option, you do not take any more cards, but retain the cards you were dealt with.
  • Hit: Players will request for another playing card when they “Hit” a playing card.

To Sum Up

There are other gaming options available as well, such as the “Bet Behind”, “Perfect Pairs”, “21+3”, “Mixed and Coloured Pairs” options. Blackjack Grand VIP Live is a really fun and addictive online casino game to try out.

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