Blackjack Fortune VIP

Blackjack Fortune VIP
Blackjack Fortune VIP
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Game Type Table Games
Provider Evolution GamingOthers
Theme N/A
Reel Type N/A
RTP 94-96
Payline N/A
Volatility N/A

Evolution Gaming is rightfully a big name in the online gambling scene. They have a sweet plethora of games, slots and the like, some of which offer an exclusive VIP experience that has to be seen to be believed!

Blackjack Fortune VIP Live is a live dealer game of theirs that is hosted by rather attractive professionals with dazzling smiles. Apart from an exclusive VIP experience, players of this game can look forward to a multiplicity of side bets, the ability to bet as much as their wallets can bear and gameplay accessibility on mobile devices.

Do read on for all the details and reports of all the action:

Live It Up With The Blackjack Fortune VIP Live!

  • This game is open only to those who can afford to hand over a minimum of 250 credits per session and can be rather fast-paced.
  • The applicable rules are simple enough, and most are helpfully shown on the screen. Blackjack pays out at 3:1, with insurance paying out at 2:1. Multi-hand gaming is supported, as is multi-table gaming, which is not possible in any standard traditional casino. The dealer is permitted to draw till 16 and must stand on every 17.
  • 8 decks of cards are used during gameplay in Blackjack Fortune VIP Live and players are permitted to double any hand, save for splits. Only a single card can be tacked onto split Aces and the side bet options support the usual bet behind, 21+3 and perfect pair wagers.
  • The game is streamed in HD from a lavishly appointed Latvian studio and there are multiple cameras in place to ensure that everything possible can be seen. Provided that the Internet connection is solid, players of Blackjack Fortune VIP Live are assured of a lag-free experience.

To Sum Up

The Blackjack Fortune VIP Live has an array of betting options, limits that are specifically tailored to the high rollers in search of an exclusive experience and accessibility across all platforms. The featured game studio is as lavish as can be, the live dealers are courteous, professional and totally gorgeous and the whole experience screams of class and dash. Overall, Blackjack Fortune VIP Live offers VIPs looking for an upgrade a tailored, exclusive and detailed experience that’s just about second to none.

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