Blackjack Buster

Blackjack Buster
Blackjack Buster
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Game Type Table GamesBlackjack
Theme N/A
Reel Type N/A
RTP 91-93
Payline N/A
Volatility N/A

Blackjack Buster offers standard blackjack option with an important twist- a side bet option that results in wins any time the dealer goes all bust. This side bet option offers chunky payouts that top 2000:1 the stake and this is the best thing about this Blackjack variant.

All About Blackjack Buster

Blackjack Buster is a regular blackjack game with top-notch audio and video effects, as well as great gameplay experiences. It comes with a demo mode where potential players can try out their skills and strategies for free and get acquainted with all the pertinent gameplay buttons and more.

Just like in any other blackjack variant, the objective is to obtain a hand of better value than the dealer’s hand, and all without the said hand being worth more than 21 points. As well, players are required to have the least possible cards in order to boost the chances of snagging the side bet.

6 decks of cards are used during gameplay in the Blackjack Buster and standard blackjack rules apply. The only important change is the provision of the Buster side bet option, with the prize won there varying according to how many cards the dealer has when he/she goes bust.

The rules in place make it possible for players to simultaneously win the buster side bet and main blackjack bet anytime the dealer goes bust. It is also possible for players to bust and lose the main blackjack bet while winning the buster side bet when the dealer also goes bust. This is due to the fact that so long as the buster side bet option is in play, the dealer is obliged to pay out wins even if both he and the player goes bust.

Bust Into Song With The Blackjack Buster!

In the Blackjack Buster, standard blackjack wins payout at 3:2 and the dealer is obliged to stand on any soft 17. The Buster side bet pays out 2:1 when the dealer goes bust while holding from 3 to 4 cards. The payout is boosted to 4:1 when 5 cards are involved, 18:1 when 6 cards are involved and 50:1 when the dealer has 7 cards.

A payout of 2000:1 is recorded when the dealer goes bust while holding 8 cards. The least amount that can be wagered on either the side bet or blackjack is 50p. however, the max is set at ₤500 for blackjack and ₤250 for the buster side bet.

Final Thoughts

This is a fast-paced game with good graphics and a heavyweight side bet option. Overall, it’s easy to like and offers up as much fun as players are ready for!

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