Top 10 Famous Historical Gamblers

Since the time human civilisation came into existence, gambling was considered to be a form of leisure and entertainment. Over time, there have been lots of gamblers who have become famous for their achievements or different incidents. If you are keen to know more about casino and gambling, you would need to gain knowledge about these great gamblers. They belonged to different nationalities and cultures, but one thing that intertwined all of them was the love of betting and the urge and craving to win by overcoming challenges.

Top 10 Famous Historical Gamblers

Here is A Short History Of Gambling you must know

Greatest gamblers of all times

Claude Monet: He was one of the famous gamblers of all times. He is credited as a great follower of French gambling. Monet was the innovator of the famous French Impressionist style of painting. He was a regular in French lottery and was the proud winner of around 15 grand while playing French lottery. The money he got from winning helped him give up his job and devote completely to painting.

Fyodor Dostoevsky: You must have read the famous Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. However, it needs to be said that his art of gambling was no lesser than his writing skills. In fact, his novel The Gambler was based on his own experience. This served as a model of inspiration to this great author. He also had gamble debts and he used to write more novels to get money to pay off his debts.

King Henry the VIII: He was commemorated as the best gambler in medieval England. He was a great player and never took advantage of his monarch status while playing. He used to visit casino houses and play with a commoner. However, he faced criticism for wasting public money to pay off his debts.

King Charles II: Another English king who was a great fan of gamble and betting. However, he was lucky and have won good money from it. He was also famous for out of the ordinary tactics and cold-blooded calculations. He also used this skills to be popular among women.

John Montagu: John Montagu was another famous gambler from Britain in the 18th century. He was famous for the long gaming sessions and even used to have snacks made of bread and meat in between the games.

King Louis XIV: The scene now shifts to the neighbouring country of France with the gambling exploits of King Louis XIV. Gambling was a hobby of the king and no wonder a lot of public money was spent on betting.

Queen Marie-Antoinette: The famous or infamous queen of the French Revolution, Queen Marie-Antoinette was also a keen gambler. It, in fact, became an addiction for her in the later years.

Giacomo Casanova: So, here comes the ladies’ man. No wonder it is considered to be a positive trait to attract women. Casanova started to gamble from the age of 21 and had even won quite a lot of times.

René Descartes: The adventurous side of the philosopher became evident in his gambling skills. In fact, at one point in time, he even thought of taking up it as a profession.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: The great US President was a casino enthusiast. His favourite game was poker, which he used to play at the White House.

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Top 10 Famous Historical Gamblers
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