Famous Celebrity Gamblers

Some gamblers gamble because they fancy going head-to-head with Lady Luck, while other gamblers like the intense drama, suspense, danger and heart-chilling excitement, not to mention the possibility of winning fortunes.

Celebrities also like to gamble and some are the most ardent gamblers you could find. When they are not living it large, a few like the feeling of holding their fate in their own hands at the gambling tables.

While some celebrities gamble for fun and only occasionally, others though have a gambling problem, with some even going bankrupt and losing all they have as a result. Now, some famous people prefer to gamble online, where they can do so quite anonymously and with no one save their credit card being the wiser.

Famous Celebrity Gamblers

Here are some of the most famous celebrity gamblers

Some of their peers, however, gamble in brick-and-mortar casinos and do not seem to care if they are photographed and their antics told and retold far and near.

Charlie Sheen

rumour has it that he got addicted to gambling while he was quite young. According to his ex-wife Denise Richards, he spends around $20,000 weekly betting on sports.

Tobey Maguire

The Spiderman actor is known to be an astute gambler. He has also been sued for participating in what amounts to be an illegal gambling ring.

Ben Affleck

The Pearl Harbour star likes blackjack and poker. In 2004, he scooped up the top prize in the California State Poker Championship. In 2014 he got banned from the blackjack tables all over Vegas, not cos he was cheating but because he was simply too good at winning.

50 Cent

Do you fancy yourself as a bit better? Then you might better take a seat, as Curtiss Jackson, otherwise known as 50 Cent is known to have wagered 500,000 during a championship game held between San Francisco and the New York Giants. This is the kind of bet gamblers like regaling each other with.

Tiger Woods

Golf’s greatest player is also an avid gambler. Rumours have him betting up to $25,000 per hand when the gambling fever hits. He loves the blackjack tables and has been known to win around $1million nightly at the MGM.

Matt Damon

A man of many talents, he fancies some gambling action now and then. Once, he coughed up $25,000 on the gambling table as preparation for playing the lead role in the movie, Rounders. You just gotta admire his commitment!

Pamela Anderson

The flashy, brassy and impudently pretty actress loves her poker. According to widespread rumours, she married Rick Salomon, due to the fact that she lost a $250k poker bet against him. That’s some poker-face marriage!

Michael Jordan

Inexplicably, the greatest man to ever lace on sneakers and get on the basketball court has a weakness- gambling. Rumours are that he had an addiction to gambling so severe that he was forced to retire.

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Famous Celebrity Gamblers
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