Interesting Facts About Roulette

Are you under the impression that the incredibly fast-paced game known as Roulette spontaneously came into being via a minor Big Bang and just started handing out wins and losses easy as you please?

Actually, the game of Roulette has an incredibly storied, colourful and fascinating history. To cap it all, it has barely undergone any meaningful changes since it was invented. If you have a special spot in your heart for the spinning Roulette wheel, here are some interesting and barely known facts about it.

Interesting Facts About Roulette

Mark Of The Furry Beast

The spinning Roulette wheel probably has quite a number of nicknames. One such nickname -the Devil’s Wheel- stuck because it was so appropriate. Firstly, this was due to the fact that all the numbers on a Roulette wheel added up to 666, as well as the fact that the wheel frequently ruined players.

What A Little Wheel

The term “Roulette” is French and means “little wheel” and was initially believed to be the fruit of Physicist Blaise Paschal efforts to create a perpetual motion machine. The word Roulette has recently been thought to refer to an English game of sorts called “Roly Poly”. This game was invented in the 17th century and made use of both a ball and the spinning wheel.

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Bond Loves Roulette

While in the Bond movies, you will see 007 playing either blackjack or Texas Hold’em, in the actual James Bond books written by Lan Fleming, the world’s greatest spy played. He had his own system for making bets and his most beloved number was 17.

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Bank Breaker Par Excellence

In the year 1873, one gentleman by the name of Joseph Jagger made use of confederates to detect faulty Roulette wheels in the casinos of the period. This information as then used to make carefully calculated bets. Much later, this tale provided the inspiration for Charles Deville Wells as he shook up the Monte Carlo scene by somehow getting 23 consecutive winning spins during a high-roller game, with his initial bankroll being 6,000. Unsurprisingly, he got famous, helped along by songs and ditties composed in his honour.

Another Bank Breaker Par Excellence

Back in 2009, Ashley Revell, a businessman was inspired to sell off all that he owned and then bet all on just one spin at Roulette. He bet $136,000 and was however lucky enough not to lose it, as the number he bet on paid out even money. Rather than betting again, he used the cash to form a short-lived betting company that specialized in online poker. Most folks suspect that the bet was all a hoax and a more than a usually creative publicity stunt aimed at promoting Revell’s new betting business, but this has never been proven.

There you have it! Those are some interesting facts, eh? In the meantime, keep the Roulette wheel looking busy and Lady Luck will soon find you worthy of note!

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Interesting Facts About Roulette
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