All About Online Roulette Wheels and Numbers

Roulette is a wheel based table game which is extremely popular in most of the online casinos. Online Roulette came into existence quite recently. However, Roulette as a game has been there ever since the 17th century. Roulette has a long history to it and was invented by the great mathematician Blaise Pascal. Let us get to know something more about Roulette and the interface existing in the current online casinos.

All About Online Roulette Wheels and Numbers

History of Online Roulette

Roulette was discovered in the 17th century however it only gained popularity by the 18th century in the European continent. The wheel at that time was very similar to the ones that we use today. It has 36 numbers and some of them had a 0 and some had 00. The American Roulette was a little different than the ones that are used now. The Roulette wheel did not have 38 slots but it had only 28 numbers with 0 and 00 as additional numbers. This means that the Roulette wheel has only 29 columns. In addition to the 29 columns, there was an additional column that had the picture of the American Eagle which was later removed. The Roulette came into America with the French immigrants and instantly became famous. A lot of changes were made and the final product is now seen as the online Roulette or the land-based one.

The Modern Changes In The Wheel

In the modern times if you look at the land-based or the online Roulette wheels there are 38 slots. The numbers start from 0 and are arranged in a clockwise fashion. The 0 and 00 are in green colours whereas the other numbers are in red and black. The game is the same as the earlier times. The bets are made and the wheel is rotated to land a lucky number.

How To Make The Best In Online Roulette

While playing Roulette online the player sees a betting table in front of them. This is used to place various bets. There are numerous choices when it comes to placing the bet in the offline as well as online Roulette games. The various kinds of bets are divided into two categories; the inside bets and the outside bets.

The inside bets include the bets made on the inside part of the Roulette table and have lesser odds of winning. However, they have a larger payout. Outside bets are the ones that are made at the outer part and have a bigger chance of winning but lower payout. The inside bets are of 6 types:

  • Straight up
  • Street
  • Split.
  • Corner
  • Six line
  • Trio

There are also 6 outside bets including:

  • Even or Odd
  • 1 to 18
  • 19 to 36
  • Red or Black
  • Column Bets
  • Dozen Bets

The game of Roulette is not as hard to understand if the player has a small idea about the betting strategy. It is advisable for the new players who are playing Roulette for the first time to stick with the outside bets. Even though these pay less, there is also a higher chance of winning and a lower chance of losing in any online Roulette game. Players at Red Spins online casino can also pick live casino games to experience the table games without stepping out.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 11/10/2017

All About Online Roulette Wheels and Numbers
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