Blackjack Counting Systems

Around the globe, the popularity of blackjack is beyond compare, with blackjack counting systems being some of the most used gambling systems. Blackjack is a game that requires prodigious amounts of skill, experience and focus for consistent wins to happen.

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Blackjack is also referred to as 21 and unlike other games, players do not face off against each other, but instead play against the dealer. Gameplay objective requires that blackjack players get a hand of 21, or as close to that number as is practical.

Blackjack games usually consist of one or multiple players, with all madly competing against the dealer. From 2 to 8 standard deck of cards are employed during gameplay, with these having 52 cards apiece.

After hands have been dealt, players can either “Hit” and request extra cards, or “Stand” and do nothing. Should the player have a hand that is either equal to or very close in value to 21 while the dealer goes bust, the player wins. Should the dealer and player(s) have cards of identical value, this results in a draw.

Blackjack is essentially a game of probabilities, with winning outcomes being enhanced by the proper utilization of strategies like the Blackjack Counting Systems. Some of these strategies are listed below:

Basic Strategy: This sort of strategy is most suitable for players who are still learning the game, or playing it for fun and thrills. This strategy normally varies according to the cards players are dealt, in addition to those the dealer receives and their value. Players then decide whether to Hit Or Stand based on dynamic pre-calculated mathematical probabilities that vary according to the precise situation. The basic strategy is most often rendered on a chart, which can then be memorised.

Advantage Play: The Advantage Play is mostly used by experienced players whose sole objective is winning. The techniques employed by these players are usually legal and might involve feats of memory and some other ostensibly “honest” skills that most casinos frown upon, especially when these work to eliminate the house edge.

Should that happen and the casino discovers this fact, such a player can expect to face a lengthy ban. Usually, Advantage Play requires card counting, which is a difficult skill to master.

All About Card Blackjack Counting Systems

During gameplay in blackjack, the dealer will normally expose already dealt cards. Using Blackjack Counting Systems, a player can infer the cards that are still left in the shoe and use their value to decide upon a future course of action, like betting more or less.

Back in the days, card counting was ridiculously easy, as casinos utilized just one standard deck. Nowadays, to deter card counters, up to 8 standard decks are employed.

Blackjack Counting Systems

There are a variety of card counting systems on the market. These vary in complexity and potential payoff. Here’s a short list of the some of the Blackjack Counting Systems, from the simpler to the more complex and profitable.

Thorp’s Ten Count System this was invented during the sixties by Edward Thorp. It is of limited value to all but beginners, as it is specifically meant to be utilized for blackjack games using a single deck. The underlying principle of the system is the counting of all cards, with their value deciding how much players should bet.

The Ace/5 Count– this is yet another suitable strategy for newbies and can partially neutralise the house edge. It effectively works only when the cards left in the shoe are not shuffled by the dealer.

Hi-Lo System– this is an easy to use and relatively simple card counting method based on the seminal Thorpe’s Ten Count. Proposed by Harvey Dubner in 1963, it is among the most widely used on the globe.

Knock Out Count System– this system was devised by Fuchs and Vancura who set out their thoughts in a book known as Knock Out Blackjack. Here, cards are given values and when they are dealt, this value is either added to or subtracted. This is widely recognised as an easy system, but its accuracy leaves much to be desired.

The Red Seven Count– this is a card counting system that can be useful for beginners. The operating principle revolves around low vs high-value cards. Here, the cards of low values are assigned +1 values, while higher value cards are assigned -1 values, with neutral cards having a zero value. Negative final counts require that players do nothing, while the higher the count the more the possibility of success, with players being encouraged to bet more.

Omega 11 System– this is an intermediate level card counting system that was invented by Bruce Carlson. It is a multi-level system that can be rather hard to master, with some cards being counted as a two-point, while others are counted as a one-point. On the plus side, it has high efficiency.

The Wrong Halves System– this is the most difficult card counting system on this list and was developed in 1975 by an egghead called Stanford Wong. This is a balanced Blackjack Counting Systems that can be totally incomprehensible to beginners but is however extremely accurate. With values being assigned to the cards, the higher a final count is, the better the winning chances and vice versa.

Card counting systems work to maximize winning chances, but all require lots of practice and concentration to pull off. Whichever system is used, it is important that it be subtly employed to avoid the ban hammer from a casino.

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Blackjack Counting Systems
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