Reasons You Should Play Online Poker First

Poker game has an interesting history and is among the most popular class of card games. Though its exact origin is not fully known, reports suggest that this game originated from a card game called As Nas, in Persia during the 16th century. The Persian sailors then introduced it to French settlers who were at New Orleans. Since then, different methods of playing poker have evolved. Modern technology has also introduced to play online poker which is currently the most preferred mode of playing. Below are reasons which support the former statement as the best method of play for a poker enthusiast.

 Reasons You Should Play Online Poker First

The possibility of taking cheap beatings if you play online poker

Before becoming a professional poker player, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort. Playing more will also increase your exposure as a player, with the exceptions of naturals. It is thus necessary to start online as a majority of these sites have minimal risks involved. This is made possible by freerolls which also enable an online player to win some money.  Freerolls should however not be entirely used. Small stakes also available on these sites can also be acquired when playing online. There are other options of playing poker in brick-and-mortar rooms where much more money is needed, thereby favouring the rich.

Ability to play online poker more hands per hour

Experience precedes returns. Taking some time, therefore, to learn how to play poker online is important. This also has an added benefit because apart from the cheap investment when playing online, you also get more hands per hour. Ideally, players have as many as five times per hour for every game they play and better off when multi-tabling. This further increases your hands per hour. To play online poker is also preferable when experienced players compete against slow dealers as your hourly wage remains unhurt as cards are shuffled and dealt automatically.

Ability to maintain physical privacy when you play online poker

With the introduction of the online poker game, there is no more need to feel embarrassed about your personal looks. You can easily and comfortably celebrate in your room after flooring your fellow opponent without worrying about them getting frustrated at all. The converse is also true. If you aren’t fully exposed to the game and the worst happens, you can agonize secretly after defeat without the fellow contender knowing. During such times, you can major on perfecting your poker appearance and also gaining exposure. Later on, you might opt for offline competitions if necessary.

Presence of bad online poker players

Online poker has both good and bad players. Among the best players are Scott Seiver, Tom Dwan, and Daniel Cates who are all causing waves in the online poker industry and have also made fortunes from playing poker online. They also started by playing online. Interestingly, the bad players also find their way there, and in large numbers too. This is in one way an advantage to any upcoming player as you’ll get competitors of the similar class whom you can compete against before gaining experience to compete against big names.

The ability to handle bad beats

Dealing with more hands per hour online makes a player appear like they have more bad beats. However, the more bad beats you get as an online poker player, the more you learn how to handle them, eventually getting the character as a player.

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Posted On: 19/03/2019

Reasons You Should Play Online Poker First
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