What Is A Multi-Player Slot Machine?

For most people, gambling is not really a solitary pursuit and takes on an added flavour when done in some company. Now, most casino games and card games support multiple players, but do you know that there are slot machines that can be simultaneously played by multiple individuals? Such a machine is known as a multi-player online slot machine. Everything about it is explained below.

What Is A Multi-Player Slot Machine?

The Multi-Player Slot Machine In Action!

The Multi-Player slot machine permits the playing of games by a small group of people. Players of such slot machines are able to interact with each other via the provided chat function, which results in a more immersive gameplay experience.

The gameplay objective in a multi-player slot machine is simply to form the proper combination of matching icons and so receive an award. The difference with standard slot machines is that there are lots of players simultaneously trying to accomplish wins.

How Does it Work?

Multi-player slot machines work exactly the same as a standard slot machine. All players have to do is to select the bet size and spin the reels, with the outcome being determined by the RNG.

Rules Of Multiplayer Slot Games

To get started, players must enter what is known as a virtual slot room. This normally accommodates a maximum of six players, with all players in a room able to view each other’s screens. Players can all chat, gist, gossip, taunt each other and more, thereby creating a warm atmosphere that’s similar to that found in a bar during a soccer match.

One of the more noteworthy features of multi-player slots is their support for collective bonuses. This often takes the form of multi-player free spins and happens when a player activates the free spins bonus round, with every player in the room being able to partake in the free spins that were just awarded.

This is much the same principle that’s applicable in other bonus rounds like jackpots.

Multiplayer Slots Are Not Actually Tournaments

While there might be similarities between multi-player slots and tournaments, the two couldn’t be any more different. Tournaments normally involve a group of people playing with all possible skill and effort, with a single individual eventually emerging victorious. Multiplayer slots, on the other hand, result in players being associates rather than competitors, with all becoming winners at the end. The atmosphere is fundamentally different from that found in tournaments and there are no killer looks directed at opponents, no bullying or winner-takes-all, me-first attitude.

Multiplayer Slots And Their Forms

There are quite a few examples of multi-player slots on the market. Some are detailed below:

  • Wheel Of Wealth– this is a retro-themed multiplayer slot machine with three reels and a single payline. It has classic icons and fitting audio and offers a nostalgic crack at Lady Luck.
  • Terminator 2– this online multiplayer slot is based on the iconic movie of the same name, features icons of all the major characters from the movie, with the action taking place of five reels, three rows and win lines of 1,024. It’s totally feature-packed, has a bonus to kill for and goes down like 100-year old bourbon!
  • Center Court– this online multiplayer slot machine has a theme that’s all about the world of competitive tennis playing and sports 5 reels and 9 paylines. It comes with big and colourful icons, a fitting audio and all the smashing action players can wish for!

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Posted On: 27/09/2018

What Is A Multi-Player Slot Machine?
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