Ways Women Gamble Differently From Men

Men are from Mars and women from Venus. This is a perfect illustration of the different tastes that the two sexes have. This is displayed in the way they shop, walk, talk and you can go on and on. It is no different when it comes to gambling. Watching men and women gamble, it is easy to take note of several characteristics that set them apart.

Ways Women Gamble Differently From Men

So How Do Women Gamble Differently From Men?

Perhaps it is worth noting that gambling was a male-dominated event in the past. This has since come to pass with more women taking part over time. However, there is a notable divide between the two when it comes to traits and/or characteristics.

Here are some of the ways that women gamble differently from each other.

The Risk Factor When Women Gamble

Women are generally low-risk takers. The same is seen when women gamble. A woman will be more cautious when placing a bet, for example. She will take her time to analyse the odds of her winning. She will also play safe when it comes to the amount of money that is placed on a particular bet. A woman will try very hard to go for a win as opposed to simply taking the chance.

Men, on the other hand, are way more liberal when it comes to making the same decision. A man will do a very quick analysis of the odds or maybe not at all. He may easily make a decision based on the general perceived strength of a particular bet. Men are also more generous when it comes to amounts placed on bets. This is also true when it comes to the intervals at which they participate in one form of gambling or the other.

The Choice of Activity When Women Gamble

There is a whole range of games to choose from which require different levels of engagement. This also applies to the kind of participation involved.

Women tend to engage in simpler forms of gambling such as bingo and slot machines. Men, on the other hand, will go for more involving games such as blackjack/live blackjack. Such require more participation and concentration. This is as opposed to simply spinning a wheel or selecting a choice of numbers.

The Company We Keep When Gambling

When women gamble they prefer to do it in groups. The play involves a collective decision although one individual will place the bet. This suggests that it is more of a fun activity for women. Men would prefer to visit the casino as an individual. This includes possibly keeping the whole affair a secret of sorts. Men also tend to take the whole affair more seriously. This is despite women taking time to make the ‘correct’ decision before placing a bet.

Who Shows More Interest in Gambling?

Women generally show less interest in gambling compared to their male counterparts. They would not really go out of their way to gamble. Men, on the other hand, will make an effort to secure funds and find a suitable platform.

So Why the Differences in Traits?

There are several explanations that try to explain this.

Some are scientific such as the theory that testosterone generally makes men more aggressive. This may explain why women choose to play less engaging games. It also explains why the game and payout is not too big of a deal to women.

There are social explanations as well that suggest women are yet to come out to fully participate in gambling. This goes with the continued empowerment of women in different aspects. Perhaps the most pronounced in this context would be financial empowerment. This empowering gives the woman a chance to explore what was traditionally reserved for men.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 23/05/2019

Ways Women Gamble Differently From Men
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