Understanding Expanding Reels in Online Slots

When online slots came into existence, it all started with those simple machines that had three reels and one paylines. Gradually technology improved, and advanced gaming platforms came into existence, and this led to the growth of expanding reels. With the passage of time, multiple reels started to get introduced into slots along with other innovative features. All these improved the overall casino experience and it became wonderfully empowering for players. From three-reel online slots, the number increased to five reels and then the number increased. The impetus was more on playing with reels and paylines rather than playing with symbols.

Understanding Expanding Reels in Online Slots

Expanding reels are basically hidden

Gaming developers nowadays adjust the number of reels and come up with lucrative online slots that provide players with the scope to earn more. The expanding reels offer a more dynamic gameplay experience that is lucrative at each level. If you are a keen play with a proper gaming strategy, you can use this innovative feature to create additional wins. In most cases, expanding reels are included in the bonus and design elements of a slot. Once you start playing these slots, you will find that there will be hidden reels that are located to the side of active and regular reel set. Based on the design, they can be displayed as faded or camouflaged within the reel background.

Some of the common online slots that have expanding reels are the ones with the Egyptian plots. In them, you will find the hidden slots in the form of stones and bricks in a pyramid. In some cases, they are also hidden behind trees and plants. As a player, you will need to unlock these hidden reels are added to your chances of winning. They can be triggered or unlocked through a combination or bonus features. For example, if you land a wild symbol in a specific regular reel, you may be able to unlock an expanding reel. If you can unlock the reel, you can increase the payout structure and win bigger prizes.

Expanding reels offer special prizes in online slots

One of the main benefits of expanding reels in online slots is that they help you get different kinds of rewards in the form of free spins and multipliers. Sometimes, these hidden reels also have special symbols that provide players with bigger and better prizes. The more room you get through the expanding reels, the more are your chances of bagging winning combos. In some games, you may even get winning combos in almost every spin.

Secondly, the expanding reels feature in online slots makes them quite interesting to play as well. As more reels are in place, the monotony of spinning the same paylines decreases significantly. As a player, there is always a suspense involved in unlocking the hidden reels and bagging surprise rewards out of them. Players can get special elements, such as scatter symbols, extra wild symbols and so on. This means you can get rich cash prizes.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 10/05/2018

Understanding Expanding Reels in Online Slots
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