The Ultimate Online Casino Glossary

The world of online casino and gambling is huge and one of a kind. There is a specific lingo that these sites use to describe their terms and services. Just like you need to know about derivatives and portfolios before entering a stock market, the same way you would need to know about the glossary of these terms before beginning your journey in online casinos.
Red Spins casino has listed out some of the best and most commonly used terminologies in the world of online casino.

The Ultimate Online Casino Glossary

Online Casino Glossary

APM or Alternative Payment Method – An APM is any type of withdrawal or deposit method apart from the regularly used debit or credit card methods. These methods can be eWallets, eChecks, online banking and even prepaid cards and vouchers.

Bankroll– Bankroll refers to the amount that is available in your account for putting on stakes or betting in the next rounds.

Bet– One single wager that you are going to put in one game in an online casino is called Bet.

Betting Limits-There is minimum and maximum stakes that can be bet on a particular game. They are predefined by the casinos.

Bonus– This refers to the incentive that a bank is offering as a promotional technique. These are usually offered to attract new players. Registration bonus, no deposit bonus are some type of the bonuses that are offered.

Dealer– In most of the casino card games, the player you are dealing with or the ‘house’ is the dealer.

Deuce– It is used to refer to the number two.

Double Down– In a game of online blackjack, the wager can be doubled and one extra card is taken which is on the total.

Edge– When the probability or odds of winning of one player are higher than the other, he/she is said to have an “edge’’ or “advantage” over the other.

eCheck– A payment method which is similar to a normal paper check but is sent instantly through an electronic medium.

Even Money– When betting on something in an online casino, the bet amount is the same that was wagered refers to even money.

Face Card– The card in the deck which has a face on it. There are three face cards of each suit, Jack, Queen and the King. The value of a face card is 10.

Hand– The cards of the player in all card games.

House– The hosting casino is called the house.

Payout– The amount that is paid on the winning bets.

Progressive Jackpots– This is a promotional feature in many games. The jackpot amount grows exponentially.

Punto Banco– Baccarat in Spanish.

Random Number Generator(RNG)– This is a software which randomly generates a number of realistic results.

Return to Player/RTP– The payback percentage of the game decides what amount the player is expecting to win the game over the long period.

Multiplayer– More than one player competing against one dealer as a group or individually.

No-Deposit Bonus– New players get credits on registering without making their first deposit. At Red Spins online casino, we have free spins and no deposit required, welcome bonus and much more.

Odds– The probability of a player winning or losing a bet. This is often given in percentage form.

These casino terms are compiled to help you to understand a bit more casino terminologies around the world. Also, refer the slots glossary briefed out for online slot lovers. Hopefully, these can help you while playing any of the casino games online! Be a part of Red Spins casino now and enjoy lucrative bonuses on amazing casino games.

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Posted On: 08/12/2017

The Ultimate Online Casino Glossary
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