The Man Who Invented Russian Roulette

The Russian Roulette is nothing like the fun-filled casino games that most people around the world, enjoy today. Russian Roulette has been integrated into many fables and folklore from the 20th century. The game was popular in the 1920s and has been featured in many articles that have claimed of its presence in many major cities around the world. However, an even a lesser number of people hardly know about the origins and roots of this game; or the man who invented the game!

 The Man Who Invented Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette for the Heroic or the Unstable?

Many stories depict the game as a heroic move to show courage and show off that one is not really afraid of death itself! However, the game is also associated with the mentally unstable who are at no position to make sane decisions for their own life. The game has been featured in reality by gangs and other gang associated members who have played this game in order to show their claim at doing the ultimate act of ‘crazy’.

George Surdez – The Man Behind the Invention of Russian Roulette?

George Surdez lived from 1900 till 1949 and was known for his writings as a pulp fiction writer. He was Swiss-born writer who spent a substantial amount of his life in Brooklyn. He was born in Sweden and had moved back to the US but then left for French Africa soon enough. His entire motive was to enjoy travelling and talk with the locals everywhere he travelled. He interacted with French Foreign Legionnaires and took in ideas to write about, after listening to stories mentioned by them about life in the desert and in Africa.

It is a common misunderstanding that people consider Surdez as the man behind inventing the game. However, this is not in the least, the reality and the truth. Surdez was the pioneer behind naming the game and helping in putting out the concept to the public, in a time when Russian Roulette was getting rampant around in the US.

George Surdez Never Claims His Role in Naming Russian Roulette:

Surdez was a known pulp fiction writer and had written quite a number of them which was recognized in the US as interesting and exciting stories. However, after the Wall Street Crash, the event wiped out many of the pulp magazines that forced Surdez to look for other markets. He then started working for Collier’s magazines where he wrote and published his Legion stories which included one of the most iconic stories titled ‘Russian Roulette’. However, Surdez came out to claim his role in naming the game involving a gun and lives.

What Was Written About Russian Roulette, in the Story by Surdez?

The story was less on fictitious facts but more on a psychological analysis as to why the game became popular in the first place itself. According to his claim, the game was started by the Tsarist troops and was followed in Romania during World War One. Is it in this story that Surdez for the first time titled the rampant game! The story is considered one of the considerable examples that allowed the game to be quite popular in the States as well.

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The Man Who Invented Russian Roulette
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