All About The History Of Scratch Cards

Lots of folks love Scratch Cards and for lots of different reasons. These beloved cards come with a small form factor and provide a very entertaining way to either pass the time or have fun. While these cards might not look like much, they do have a rather interesting history. Read on for a detailed history.

All About The History Of Scratch Cards

Lottery Tickets Magicks!

We have all at one time or the other have seen Scratch Cards and perhaps wondered just how it all came to be. Well, the answer is not all that convoluted.

In 1974, the very first instant win game created by a computer came into existence. The game was made at the instance of the Massachusetts Lottery, with the invention of the instant win lottery format being credited to an American company by the name of Scientific Games.

The year 1987 saw the issuance of a US patent for instant Scratch Cards. That same year, these went on sale in the UK for the very first time ever. Usually, such cards could be bought from lottery stands or kiosks, rather than in brick-and-mortar casinos.

The Scratching Appeal

A major reason why Scratch Cards are loved by the gambling populace is the fact that the cost of entry is rather low. A trifling amount is usually enough to buy them, thereby making the buyer eligible for some serious payouts.

Then, there is the fact that these Cards come in a mind-boggling array of forms, so as to best cater to individual preferences. Most players like them due to the fact that it provides some potent thrills, with the result of the gameplay being known at once. This fact is particularly preferred by those folks who wish to game and know the results at once, rather than being obliged to wait days or weeks for it, as lotteries usually require.

Scratch Cards Go Modern

As technology has grown, it comes as no surprise that scratch cards are now available online. The biggest appeal is its immense convenience. Players are not obliged to take a trip to a kiosk or shop in order to indulge in their usual fun. They can instead log into their online casino account and play them at any time of the day or night that is to their liking.

Of course, online Scratch Cards cannot be physically scratched. This function is instead performed by clicking a specific button or using the cursor. Downloads are usually not necessary to play online Scratch Card games. They are instead played on a web browser.

Diversity is the name!

Online Scratch Cards come in a very diverse array of forms and themes. They are usually equipped with very lush graphics, and there are some types that can be played for free. Playing for free serves to let online Scratch Card players hone their skill and understanding of the game, though no real money can be won in this mode. To win real money, online Scratch Card players must opt-out of the free mode and sign up to a real money account. There, they can play for real money and stand to win some real money.

The history of Scratch Cards is both brief and colourful. These are favoured by players due to their immense ease of play, low cost and easy accessibility. Online Scratch Cards are the new kid on the block and have all the advantages of physical Scratch Cards.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 25/07/2019

All About The History Of Scratch Cards
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