The A-Z of Slot Terminology

The casino industry is booming with every passing day as millions of people invest in the exquisite casino gaming experience. Although it can be a fun experience for many, it also is a career for many professionals as well. And the competition gets tougher as more people join in, keeping in mind about the extensive reach and popularity of casino games, today! It has become a necessity to know all the aspects of casino gaming, especially learning the lingo associated. They are not just mere jargons but a necessity when it comes to specifically talk about slot terminology. Here are a few necessary slot terminologies that one must know of, before investing in the game.

The A-Z of Slot Terminology

Slot Terminology Used in Slot Gaming:

1)     Action: The sum total of the time that one player might have spent on a particular game

2)    Bet Max: The option is available in online slot gaming which allows players to place the maximum bet per spin round at one go

3)     Big Hit: It means to hit the jackpot

4)    Bonus: Probably as the name suggests, bonus in slot terminology means a free incentive provided to players in the game (can be wilds, free spins etc.)

5)   Coin Size: This denotes the actual size of the coins. The coin size can be fixed or might be left to the player in a slot game

6)     Cold Slot: This slot terminology comes from players who gain no rewards even after playing for a long time on a slot machine

7)    Double: When a symbol is repeated twice, or if the winnings of a particular player has doubled, then that is denoted as a ‘Double’

8)    Fixed Value Slot: The slots that limit the decisions of the player by fixing the coin size or the number of coins that can be wagered on a fixed number of paylines

9)   Free Spin: Probably on of the most sought after, this slot terminology is used to denote the free number of spins that a player gets as a bonus

10)  Hammer: Putting in a substantial amount of time in a game

11)  Hit and Run: Antagonist to Hammer, this slot terminology is used to denote a fast-paced game and shifting on to other games in a short period of time

12)  Jackpot: The ultimate win!

13)  Line Bet: The bet placed on a particular payline

14) Linked Slot machine: A progressive slot machine game, where every amount invested in both online and offline slots, goes and adds to the main pool that is the jackpot

15) Multiplier: Symbols that increase the winning exponentially. The number on the symbols denoted the times that is multiplied to the bet value

16)  Nickel Slot: Slot machines with 5 cents worth of coin size

17)  One Liner: Single line pay slot game

18)  Payout: The amount received by the player if he or she lands a winning combination

19)  Penny Slot: Slot machines with 1 cent worth of coin size

20)  Quarter Slot: Slot machines with 25 cents worth of coin size

21)  Reel: Reels are similar to columns in a column/rows grid layout

22)  Scatter: The symbols that allow the player to win and avail bonuses

23) Slot Variance: The degree to which the slot machine makes it easy for players to avail winning combinations. They can be high, medium or low. The variance does not support the fact that low variance slot games are rigged

24) Wild: The symbol that can substitute for any other symbol on the grid. It usually is used to convert to high paying symbols.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 23/04/2019

The A-Z of Slot Terminology
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