Pay Table in Slot Machine Game at Red Spins casino

The mechanical slot machine game of the previous era was both simple and popular. Their popularity was due to their novel appearance and the fact that they were both easy to play and understand by virtually anyone.

Pay Table in Slot Machine Game at Red Spins casino

On such mechanical slots, once players fed the slot machine, and pulled the lever/handle that spun the reels, any trio of identical icons that ended up on the payline made for a win. The size of the win was in turn dependant on the value of the particular icons that made it to the payline.

Later on, in a slot machine game, icons like wilds, as well as bonus features were added to the slot machine repertoire, but that didn’t make the gameplay as complicated as some had feared. There are even some old school slots on which the paytable is prominently printed, with this letting players know exactly what payout to expect when particular icons make it to the payline.

In contrast, the video slots of the modern age are usually more complex. Such slots usually feature bonus games, scatter icons, wilds and a different number of paylines, with these all coming with their own rules.

Understanding all these are vital for gameplay success. Thankfully, getting the most out of any slot is as simple as thoroughly reading up on and understanding the slot machine game paytable. 

So, what exactly is the paytable all about? Read on for an answer.

The Slot Machine Game Paytable Makes the Rules

In most modern slots, accessing the slot machine game paytable merely requires the player to click on an icon that is near the bottom of the screen. The paytable and the vital information it contains await there.

A shocking number of folks jump right into online slot gameplay without taking the time to read up on the paytable. This is foolish in the extreme because the slot game paytable makes it possible for players to know which icons they must land for big wins to happen.

The paytable shows all the possible winning combos, as well as what they are worth if they hit. It gives information as to which icon is the wild, which is the scatter, and their respective roles during either base gameplay or the bonus round.

Information relating to the bonus round is also listed in the slot machine game paytable. There, players can find out what are the least and highest possible bonus round wins. Should the game sport a jackpot, progressive or otherwise, this will be shown in the paytable chart.

Some progressive jackpots require that players to make use of the maximum available number of paylines before they can be triggered. Other jackpots do not have this provision. Information on this can be found in only one place – the slot machine game paytable.

Long Live the Slot Paytable!

In general, there is nothing complicated about the paytable. The paytable tends to vary in content from slot to slot, but all are generally similar and contain the same information.

On the first page of the paytable can be found every possible winning combo, as well as what can be won when these make it to the reels. Information about the wild icons might also be listed on this page.

The second page is much more detailed. It explains precisely how to trigger the different bonuses, how the icons on show work and the extra functions that might be assigned to gameplay icons during the bonus round. Details as to the progressive jackpot -if any- might also be found if not here then on the third page.

The above paytable information should be thoroughly checked before gameplay. Players should endeavour to understand every aspect of the slot machine game paytable before even thinking of spinning up the reels.

Importance of the Slot Machine Paytable

The paytable lists all the gameplay features and functions worth knowing and is thus vital to gameplay performance and enjoyment. Should a player not take the time to read up and understand the paytable, he/she is likely to make the sort of mistakes that will boost the default RTP and make gameplay a drudgery.

That is why ultimate performance is possible only when the paytable has been carefully checked out and the information within adroitly used to influence gameplay decisions.


The slot machine game paytable varies in content, but always contains the sort of useful information that no serious slot player can afford to ignore.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 29/08/2019

Pay Table in Slot Machine Game at Red Spins casino
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