Celebrity Gamblers – Singers Who Also Rock at Gambling

The glamorous lifestyle of artists and the atmosphere of casinos are very much alike and similar. And that’s why we see (or hear of) famous artists as well as popular figures, engaging themselves in the joyful excitement of casino play. And definitely, there is no short list to the number of famous people who have visited the vicinities of casinos and tried their hand on the wheels of fortune as well. Here, we present to you a list of the most famous celebrity gamblers who have invested their money in casino games and made it to the news as well!

Some famous celebrity gamblers who have tried their luck in some well-known casinos around the world:

Celebrity Gamblers - Singers Who Also Rock at Gambling

P. Diddy

The famous rapper and songwriter P. Diddy hailing from the New York City, is also a professional blackjack player and one of the celebrity gamblers. He is often seen in the proximities of high limit tables at casinos where he bets a huge amount of his money. One famous incident was in 2012 when Harrah’s Atlantic City launched their new assortment of poolside blackjack tables. He was not only asked to perform there at that night but also honoured by placing the first bet at the venue!

Harry Styles

This famous pop star, once belonging to the boy-band One-direction once had a not-so-good experience in one of the famous casinos at Las Vegas. It was a time when Harry, who is a blackjack enthusiast, was still underage and the mandate and casino policies restricted youngsters below the age of 21 to enter the premises of casinos in Las Vegas. Harry was with his friends and that unfortunate night, his fandom and popularity were still not enough to influence authorities and thus, he was escorted out that very night!

Frank Sinatra

Probably one of the most famous singer, songwriter, and artist well-known around the world, Sinatra was also a celebrity gamblers. He not only performed at casino venues but was frequently found betting in various casino games too! He is considered to be among the select few who have bolstered the integration of the music industry along with the casinos market in Las Vegas. Due to his popularity among casinos, many of his songs had an influence of casinos and was favoured among the rich class of Vegas, as well.


This famous rapper and songwriter is also a professional and one of the quite good celebrity gamblers as well. He is also known to be a frequent participant in championships like World Series of Poker, The PokerStars European Poker, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure etc. His fame and popularity make him quite an easy target for players to topple off tables, but Nelly is known to be quite a good and experienced player and has made his stand, likewise!

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight is a famous singer, songwriter who has had her share of experience with casino gameplays as well. In her autobiography ‘Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story’, she vividly explains her early life where she was extensively involved in Baccarat and sports betting. She had been a gambler for 10 years and that’s why wouldn’t exactly fall under the ‘Celebrity Gamblers’ category. But her fandom does really deem her a place on this list as well!

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Posted On: 15/01/2019

Celebrity Gamblers – Singers Who Also Rock at Gambling
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