Everything the Online Blackjack Players Want to Know About “Shuffle Tracking”

If you are a casino-gambling fan, you might have seen the professional gamblers shuffling cards while playing table games such as Blackjack. But the question is, why players do that? Let’s put it in the simplest terms. When you open a fresh pack of cards, the first thing you do is divide the cards into two stacks each comprising 26 cards and shuffle them. However, you must know the first order of the cards in order to determine the sequence after shuffling them. For Shuffle Tracking, all you need to do is divide the cards into two equal stacks and shuffle them properly so that the first card of the first stack lands on the second card of the other stack.

Everything the Online Blackjack Players Want to Know About “Shuffle Tracking”

Can You Win Blackjack Game Using Shuffle Tracking?

Now, most of you might be wondering as to whether it is possible to win Blackjack game if you manage to know the order of the cards. Well, the answer is yes! Shuffle Tracking is one of the most popular table game techniques that help players predict the order of the cards. When you know the order of the playing cards, you can predict what card is going to come up next. You can use this prediction and your knowledge to bet big when you think you are going to win or bet a small amount if you are not sure about it. But this technique has plenty of drawbacks when it comes to real-life shuffling. Yes, that’s true! If the dealer is hand shuffling the cards, there is a slim chance he/she would split the cards into two halves. And without splitting, it is almost impossible to determine the playing cards’ order.

There are some experienced players who are able to track the shuffled card’s order perfectly. This way, they gain an edge over the dealer and ultimately win the round. But it is worth to note that Shuffle Tracking is one of the most challenging card skills to master. Most of the players (especially beginners) who try to track the shuffled cards end up losing the game.

The Automated Card Shuffling Machines

The table games that use hand shuffling technique are hard to track. However, some dealers are way too lazy to consider shuffling the cards for at least 2-3 times. This gives an advantage to the players and makes it easier for them to determine the order of the cards. Now the question is, what about the games that involve automated card shuffling machines? Is there any way you could track the machine shuffled cards?

Some players reported that they were lucky enough to get access to the card shuffling machine. It helped them a lot in learning the machine shuffle Tracking technique. Even though there is no evidence of this statement, everybody knows that machine card shuffling works the same way over and over. Hence, it is not impossible to learn the machine Shuffle Tracking technique. But the surprising fact is a majority of players do not even give a try to this technique in the machine shuffling games. So, before you get started with the automated machine shuffle tracking, master the hand shuffling techniques so that you don’t end up losing all your savings.

Is Shuffle Tracking a Profitable Technique?

The answer is yes! Shuffle Tracking is a profitable technique, but only for the players who manage to do it right. Not only you have to track the order of the cards, but you must place the bets accordingly i.e. big bets when you know some good cards are coming up and vice versa. On the other hand, if your judgment regarding the high set of the card goes wrong and you place the bet at the wrong time, you will lose more than you imagined.

In other words, Shuffle Tracking is definitely a profitable technique even better than card counting. But it works only for players who do it perfectly. But since the long-term earnings come with some real hard work and smartness, this technique is worth learning. 

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 19/08/2019

Everything the Online Blackjack Players Want to Know About “Shuffle Tracking”
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