Which Slot Type Is Best for You? Regular Slots Vs Jackpots

With the range of exciting popular slot games at online casinos, it’s natural to get confused while trying to make a preferable pick. The themes, game features, software quality and especially the bonus features and jackpots could drive you crazy when it comes to picking one at a time. Here, you can glance through the two most common types of slots classified into regular and jackpot slots to figure out what suits your taste and mood.

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Which Slot Type Is Best for You? Regular Slots Vs Jackpots

Exploring Payout potentials in slot jackpots

Regular slot games have a maximum payout amount which is fixed. The amount you can win is predetermined and no matter how many times you play the slot, you cannot win more that amount allotted to the winners. Most importantly, depending on how much you are willing to stake, the winning amount is decided by the amount you are ready to contribute to the game. For instance, if you are playing the Starburst slot set across 5 reels, if the maximum payout is set at 500x, you can win up to only 500x your wager, whether you stake £0.30 or £300.

Some slots offering jackpots may offer small jackpot amounts, but jackpot players usually eye the progressive jackpot slots which are completely different to the regular slot payouts. The progressive jackpot slots are not fixed and could increase in real time. This means that each time you make a bet, the jackpots value appreciates as a fraction of each player’s staked amount which is added to the jackpot total. If you are lucky to hit the jackpot, the amount reverts to its original value and again starts increasing over time with every wager.

You may also come across progressive jackpots slots where the prize on the offing is connected across several online casinos offering that slot game. With many players playing, the jackpot amount can reach enormous amounts. If you are playing for long hours, the odds of winning some payout from a regular slot could be higher than from many progressive slots. However, the rewards received at once are smaller in comparison to those expected from progressive jackpot slots.

Find your choicest features

A lot of jackpot slots are designed with usual images commonly found on slot machine games and are packed with bonus features including free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols, wilds and more to keep players engaged and entertained. If you are playing for the jackpot, all you may need is to get a combination of certain symbols on the reels to crack the jackpot amount.

When making a choice, you must consider your gameplay and how much bankroll you are willing to stake. Players willing to stake high can merrily choose the jackpot slots, while those who like to take it slow could rather opt for regular slots.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 16/08/2018

Which Slot Type Is Best for You? Regular Slots Vs Jackpots
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