Red 7 Card Counting System

Most Blackjack experts employ counting tactics to enhance the odds of winning. Of a host of card counting systems, Red 7 Card is an easy yet significant strategy that can get you to hit a Blackjack. Several experienced Blackjack players suggest that this counting trick is relatively simpler and can get you up to 80% of the possible gain one can make from other card counting methods. Widely known as one of the best professional betting methods, Red 7 Card counting is a simple one which anyone can try.

Red 7 Card Counting System

What Is the Red 7 Card Counting System?

The Red 7 card counting system was devised by Arnold Snyder, a reputed legendary card counter who detailed this famous strategy in his book titled ‘Blackbelt’. Most experts believe that using this counting system in coordination with popular Blackjack strategies can get you enhanced winning opportunities. Red 7 can be used by beginners as well as advanced players.

An accurate card counting method, the Red 7 system can give players an advantage regardless of the Blackjack variant chosen to play.

How Does the Red 7 Card Counting System Work?

Before beginning to apply any strategy, players need to have a clear understanding of the rules of the game. This will enable players to use the tricks to its best advantage. The ground rule of Red 7 card counting is to understand how the cards are numbered. Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Red 7 have a count of plus 1. For the series: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, the value is considered to be -1 and for 8, 9 and Black 7, the count is considered as 0. The card counting title itself can help players remember the values as Red 7s have a value of +1 while Black 7s are worth 0.

Often considered as an unbalanced card counting system, it is said that in a standard card deck of 52 cards when players count all the cards, they would land up with a final count of +2 instead of a 0. Players using this system when playing blackjack with a single deck must keep in mind to begin counting on -2. Alternatively, in multi-deck card games, it is suggested that the number of decks is multiplied by -2 to arrive at the appropriate count, to begin with. For instance, if you are playing a Blackjack game with 6 decks of card, you would need to begin the count at -12.

How Red 7 Differs From Other Card Counting Methods?

Most other card counting strategies indicate that a high count is in favour of the player while a lower count is better for the dealers and that players must adjust the bet based on the count. This means that if your count suggests a negative number, you should place a minimum bet and if your count increases, you must accordingly increase your bet size. The ideal situation to place the maximum bet in such methods is when the count is around 15 or 16.

Players with a photogenic memory usually excel in using the card counting methods as it requires memorizing the card values before flipping through the deck of cards and count all the 52. By the time you reach the end, your total should have a value of 2. Card counting is indeed a skill and takes practice to master. Once you manage to go through the deck and arrive at a count within 30 seconds you can confidently begin to play Blackjack using the Red 7 Card Counting System.

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Posted On: 02/05/2019

Red 7 Card Counting System
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