Pro Athletes Who Enjoy Gambling

It’s no wonder that a person, who is so much ambitious for his/her game on the ground, also has the same enthusiasm for the gambling in the casino. And why wouldn’t they be? Just like sports, the outcomes of gambling are also unpredictable, thrilling, exciting and a loaded with adrenaline rushes. So know these athlete legends, their favourite casino games and gambling stories relating to them.

The Basketball hunk – Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley loves to gamble so much so once he lost around $10 million in a day and another time around $2.5 million in just six hours. A year later he went on to confess in an interview that the gambling was an exciting way to win money and the quantity didn’t matter. During the same interview, he said he had gained a whopping $700,000 by betting and winning on the blackjack and super bowl game in just a weekend.

Pro Athletes Who Enjoy Gambling

The Professional Boxer – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. keeps firing up his Twitter account by tweeting his amazing betting slips. These betting slips show wagers going as high as $100,000 and even more sometimes. Once he even won a massive $90,909 and $37,272.75 in two halves of the same game and of course, he did tweet about these too!

The Italian Footballer – Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is an awesome football player with a golden heart. He loves gambling and sometimes he also donates the amount that he wins. One such incident is prominent when he won £25,000 at a Manchester’s gambling den. After winning, he stepped out and came across a homeless person and gave him a sum of £1,000.

The Charming Golfer – Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been among the most successful golfers and highest paid athletes of the world for many years. This athlete is a regular gambling player at MGM Grand Las Vegas Casino whose favourite game seems to be Blackjack. He often wages as high as $25,000 per hand during Blackjack games with a whopping $1 million limit.

Flying Fish – Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is one of the most successful swimmers and with 28 medals he falls under the list most decorated Olympians of all time. No wonder his has earned the nickname of ‘Flying fish’. Michael loves playing poker and often wages thousands of dollars during these games. He took part in the World Series of Poker festival in 2013, which was his first tournament of $5000. Also, the Flying fish while playing poker of high stakes had tweeted a photo of his $100,000 dollar chip which clearly shows his craze for the poker.

The Golden Boy – Paul Hornung

Paul Hornung is a former professional football player. He was the most successful players of his time with number 5 ranking who went on to earn the nickname of ‘the golden boy’. His gambling story is a bit of a tragedy. In 1963, Paul got implicated in a scandal that indicated him betting on football games which ruined his hard-earned reputation overnight. The betting on the NCAA and NFL were in several hundred dollars, because of which, he also got banned for one season.

The Professional Basketball player – Michael Jordon

Michael Jordon is a former American Basketball player who loves to gamble. So much so in 1993, a night before his game against Knicks, Michael was seen in Atlantic City where he was gambling. He also admitted having lost $165,000 that night. Michael is a huge fan of the Craps game. In 2007, reports from Cincinnati Bengals claim Michael Jordon to have lost more than $5 million while playing the game of craps.

The English Footballer – Wayne Rooney

Wayne has been vocal about his gambling issues for some time now. There are also reports claiming him to have accumulated a debt of massive £700,000 due to betting on sports games such as horse racing and football itself. In 2008, he flew back home from Belarus, after scoring for England twice in the World Cup qualifier and went to a casino where he lost over $100,000 in just a day.

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Posted On: 12/02/2019

Pro Athletes Who Enjoy Gambling
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