What is an Online Slots Bonus Round?

After a few decades of being on the rise, most of the developments in slot games happened in the last decade. One of the features that get the gamblers excited is the addition of bonus features. Bonus features are special features which get activated when the symbols are aligned in a predefined way. They often result in good winnings apart from some amazing gameplay. Bonus rounds are the special rounds where you play most of your winnings and is what every gambler craves for with every spin while playing online slots.

Bonus features are different with every online slot. A few have mini-games of its own; few others have just free spins, while few are just pick and win. Some of the bonus rounds in the slots are unique and innovative that they are the reason why players flock to that slot. When it comes to themed video slots, the bonus rounds revolve around the subject of the online slot. Consider Rainbow Riches online slot game, the bonus feature is the Cash Path. In Cash Path, you choose a path where you get to win multipliers and cash prizes along the way.

What is an Online Slots Bonus Round?

How are the Bonus Features initiated in Online Slots?

Online slots vary in the way they initiate bonus features. Every slot will have a unique way of initiating the bonus feature. An interesting and exciting bonus features are the random bonuses. Few slots drop bonuses now and then in midst of a spin. Some slots have random bonuses alone while in some other slots have is in conjunction with other bonus features.

Scatter symbols are the most common way of initiating the bonus features. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the slots to initiate the bonus feature. However, there are slots which require the scatter symbols to appear in certain reels alone. Before you start spinning the slot, you need to know what triggers the bonus feature.

Bonus Features and Winnings

The bonus features decide on how lucrative the slots are. Bonus rounds are developed in a way that they drive most of the winnings while the rounds are in progress. Bonus features also add some mystery to the gameplay and make it interesting. Bonus features are important to any slot when it comes to winnings that are an integral part of any online slot game.

Slots with Interesting Bonus Features at Red Spins Casino

Red Spins Casino has quite a large collection of online slots ranging from a few paylines to the latest 243 ways to win. Their collection of slots is aimed at giving the customers an experience like that of a land-based casino. Seamless entertainment, amazing bonus features and a solid tech support makes Red Spins Casino the place to be.

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Posted On: 14/08/2018

What is an Online Slots Bonus Round?
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