All About Online Slots Autoplay Feature

Online slots are loved by every casino game enthusiast. The immense popularity has led to endless reviews revolving around online slots. However, very little is talked about one of the most important features of the online slots, namely Autoplay feature, as it has an integral part to play in the online slots. Red Spins casino has clearly explained all about online slots Autoplay feature in detail and tips have been provided to make the most of it.

All About Online Slots Autoplay Feature

What exactly is the Autoplay feature?

As the name suggests, autoplay feature allows the players to play the slot of their choice and make several spins in a certain set of numbers. They don’t require to use any button manually. This, hence, allows the players to indulge in other activities along with placing a wager on their favourite slot games at online casino UK. The reels continue to spin till the player stops them by their choice. It is an effective option for the players who prefer multitasking. Also, the feature boosts the speed of the online slot games and is a suitable option for big wins. All the above reasons make it inevitable for the slot developers to integrate this feature in their slot games.

The tips to stick by!

Now that a brief has been given, let us now deeply understand this important feature. Let’s discuss when the feature should not be used at all. In the autoplay feature, one must place the same bet in all the spins. So, the feature is not at all optimum for the players who like to change the betting parameters, coin size, coins per payline or the number of active paylines on a frequent basis. Certain players tend to increase the coin number when on a winning streak. Some, also, tend to decrease the number of coins when on a losing streak. Autoplay feature is not suitable for such players.

A certain disadvantage

It is not really a disadvantage, but it should be mentioned! Most of the online and mobile slot games are played for pure enjoyment. The slick animations, superior audio and video quality have a pivotal role to play in the online slots. They are the major reason for the popularity of major UK slot games. But the autoplay feature doesn’t provide complete indulgence of these features. Due to the ultra-high speed in the autoplay feature, one cannot completely enjoy the audio and video quality of the slots. Hence, the players interested in these features should probably avoid the autoplay feature.

The deciding parameter

On enabling the autoplay feature, one must select the number of spins. These spins are not free, meaning a certain amount will be deducted from the balance for each spin. Hence, two factors should be kept in mind while selecting the number of spins. The first factor is the player’s bankroll and the other is the time one wants to spend on the feature. Also, autoplay feature gets stopped once a bonus game is activated.

Have some fun while playing Autoplay feature slots UK

Autoplay feature is a great option for any online slots, hope you will have fun using the autoplay feature available in our entertaining online slots at Red Spins online casino! Join us now! Now, Red Spins real money casino app can be download on all latest iOS devices. Play on the move.

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Posted On: 07/02/2018

All About Online Slots Autoplay Feature
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