All About Online Scratch Card Technology

Scratch cards or scratch tickets are small paper cards with a silver latex covering. The shiny layer on these cards is put to cover the gift or prize that those cards promise. The internet version, known as the online scratch card is a trendy thing at the moment. Let’s face it, the excitement of unveiling prizes will never get diminished, no matter you scratch the card with your fingers or a metal coin or the cursor of your desktop.

All About Online Scratch Card Technology

What Is an Online Scratch Card?

The internet is undoubtedly an amazing place. With desktops, the two have revolutionised the iGaming industry to a great extent. Today, there is an online version of every game, be it sports like FIFA, NBA or casino games like Blackjack and Slots. Back in 2005, Scratch Cards witnessed their internet version turning up. One such card is known as an online Scratch Card.

As the name suggests, to play these cards, a player needs to scratch them using online tools. Just like the real-life Scratch Cards, online ones have a prize covered with a silver layer as well. Players can remove this covering and unveil the prize by scratching it away with the cursor or by hitting the ‘remove at once’ button.

How Does an Online Scratch Card Work?

The online version of cards is even easier to use than the traditional one. All a player needs is to buy a card online from a website, scratch it down and claim his/her prize. There are many websites and online casinos that sell these cards. They can easily be bought with a price ranging from $0.01 to $5. While making a purchase, you can buy more than one card. After a card is purchased, it is all yours to scratch and try your luck!

The Technology Used in an Online Scratch Card

Coming to the latest technologies used in the online Scratch Card, they a’e pretty advanced compared to their former self. From visual graphics to technologies used to protect data, everything has come a long way. Nowadays, these cards are available on all types of devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops.

Graphics: From scruffy pixels to high definition clarity, it has come a long way. The whopping competition and immense success of online gaming have encouraged the developers to come up with outstanding graphics and visuals in a rather short span of time. The new cards come with eye-catching crystal-clear graphics and catchy soundtracks playing in the background.

Security: The biggest issue in the online gambling industry has always been the question of a player’s data privacy and security. In the early years, a lot of scams involving stealing and using customer’s data by a third party were reported. Keeping this in mind, the developers have provided amazing data encryption software that ensures a safe and secure gaming environment to players worldwide.

Fair gaming: Online Scratch Cards use the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology. The developers have worked extremely hard to come up with a pattern that provides fair chances of winning to all players. The average win is reported to be once in every three cards which sounds quite fair to us.

Customer support: In the early years, websites lacked this feature. There was no way for the customers to seek instant help regarding any query. However, this has changed drastically over time. Nowadays, most of the companies have a 24✕7 live chat feature to help the customers whenever needed.

What Future Holds for Online Scratch Cards?

The future certainly looks brighter with 3D gaming technologies and the invention of AI. One can expect the Scratch Cards to get fully automated in the near future. Therefore, all a player will be needed to do is to buy a card and just sit back and hope to win cool prizes.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 16/07/2019

All About Online Scratch Card Technology
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