Online Blackjack Games and the Number of Decks They Make Use of

Few casino table games have a rich history of Blackjack. Invented a few hundred years ago and still as exciting as riding a wild mustang bareback through the Appalachian Plains, Blackjack is a game that everyone loves to play to the limit and for good reason!

Online Blackjack Games and the Number of Decks They Make Use of

So, given a thought as to how many decks of cards do these online Blackjack games utilise and why does this matter? Read on and find out.

Getting Into the Deck of the Matter with Online Blackjack Games!

The professional Blackjack player always tries to find out the number of card decks that are being used in a Blackjack game. Rather than being a showy, fruitless exercise, knowing the number of card decks in use is extremely important.

Take a casino game like Live Blackjack, for example, the house edge for such a game is not static. That is, it varies slightly depending on how many card decks are currently in use. The more card decks are used, the higher the house edge will be while using a few card decks lowers the house edge.

Worth knowing is that back in the earlier days of the game, casinos made use of a single card deck. Then along came card counters and to counter the new menace the number of card decks in use was doubled and later quadrupled. Since then, most casinos make use of multiple card decks, with these serving to deter card counters and maintain the house edge.

Online Blackjack games are quite similar to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. As such, most make use of multiple card decks, though some use single card decks.

However, the fact that an online Blackjack game in an online casino is using a single card deck does not mean that the advantage goes to the player. On the contrary, regardless of the number of card decks in play in online Blackjack games, the casino software automatically shuffles the card deck(s) after every hand. 

This automatic shuffling makes card counting impossible and this is precisely why card counters cannot count on their card counting skills to win at online Blackjack games.

Then there are a few shady online casinos that deceitfully and secretly adjust the payout on their card games. By playing at such online casinos, folks are assured of losing no matter what. That is why always checking the legitimacy of any online casino before signing up for same is always the right thing to do.

Worth noting is that in some online casinos, Blackjack rules might vary. There are those that for example let the dealer stand on a soft 17, while others forbid it. This can affect the house edge.

With that being the case, all players are advised to carefully check out the rules of any casino game they aim to play before diving into it.

The Cheery Sweetness of Online Blackjack Games

So, does the number of card decks in use at an online Blackjack game actually matter? 

Fact is, due to the automatic shuffling of the card deck, online Blackjack players are denied any possible advantage that might be gained by card counting. As such, all they can do is to put their chosen gameplay strategy in effect and hope for the best.

Even if it is possible to count the card decks in use in online Blackjack games, the fact remains that most casinos do not disclose exactly how many card decks are being used. Learning such information well might involve directly asking the online casino hosting such games and there is not really much that can be done with such information.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 13/08/2019

Online Blackjack Games and the Number of Decks They Make Use of
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