Online Slots – Myths and Misconceptions

In this age of information explosion, myths and misconceptions gain more traction than the actual facts. Casinos, both land-based and virtual, are no strangers to myths. It is time to look beyond the popular opinion and investigate the truth behind these common misconceptions. But as the proverb goes “There is no smoke without fire”, some of these may be tactics of unlicensed casinos. Hence while playing slots online, it is important to ascertain whether the casinos hold a valid operating licence.

Online Slots- Myths and Misconceptions

Playing online slots at ‘Max Bet’ maximises winning chances 

Chances. That is all the game is. Online slots are designed to give out random results, irrespective of the bet amount. Now, this is a very clever myth formulated by some cunning casinos to encourage players to bet the maximum amount. There is another misconception that the Max Bet button re-programs the slot machine into giving mode. This is entirely false as the slots cannot be re-programmed that often or that fast.

A period of dry spell is followed by a huge win

There is a widely held notion that a long period of dry spell indicates a big jackpot waiting around the corner. If the online slots haven’t paid out for a while it doesn’t mean your next spin will land a big deal. Likewise, people also believe in the inverse. That, if an online slot has paid out a jackpot recently it won’t happen again anytime soon. The truth is every spin is unique and completely arbitrary.

Playing with no deposit bonus on online slots lessens your chance of winning

Almost all casinos lure players with attractive bonuses these days. But there is a doubt prevailing in the minds of players, whether playing using this bonus will generate only small wins. The answer is, no, the online slots do not differentiate between spins made using the player’s money or bonus money. This misconception takes root from the logic that the casino could benefit more from the player depositing his own money instead of the bonus.

Another similar myth is that Autoplay modes are rigged and have lesser winning chances. While this could have been true in the past, not anymore. Licensed casinos are regulated by international standards to avoid irregularities. The Autoplay feature is a boon to players, allowing them to grab a bite or two without interrupting the play.

Playing slots online at peak hours have lesser returns

Regardless of whether one person or a thousand people are engaged on a slot machine, the slot is designed to generate random wins at any time of the day. The myth that playing at a specific time could give higher returns is not entirely true. Likewise, what people believe to programmed hot and cold streaks are also completely random. Randomly the machine may go on a hot streak of regularly cashing out just like it can go on a taking mode of the cold streak. 

Online Slots work on only one principle and that is the Theory of Probability. Each and every spin is unique and no one has control over the wins. Getting informed about the misconceptions and false belief about online slots game sets you up mentally for what to expect and this will always be of use to any prospective casino player. Now enjoy a huge collection of online slot games at Red Spins online and mobile casino.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 27/07/2017

Online Slots – Myths and Misconceptions
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