Multiple Deck Blackjack Rules & Odds

Blackjack in its authentic form is played with a 52 playing cards deck. With the popularity of the game across the online platform, several variants have been introduced that use four, six and even 8 decks of playing cards. If you are looking to explore the multiple deck blackjack game, here are a few basic rules and odds that can assist in enhancing your Blackjack gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

Multiple Deck Blackjack Rules & Odds

Do the rules of Blackjack vary?

Players need to know that though the basic rules of Blackjack remain the same, every format may have a few rule variations that impact the odds of the game. Moreover, the game rules may also alter depending on the time zones. For instance, in Vegas, though 4 decks version is commonly played, a lot of casinos have introduced 6-8 card decks for the game. Thus, the rules also vary across regions too. The brief here on multiple deck version uses the Vegas or Atlantic city rules to draw a comparison of the variety of the game.

The Vegas City 4 deck blackjack rules

Here all the standard rules apply and the house edge is reserved at 0.48%. Players can double any two cards but can’t double after split. Re-split is allowed up to three hands. The dealer can hit 17 and can double on any of two card combination. However, the player can neither double after splitting nor surrender.

Atlantic City 6 deck blackjack rules

Here the players get an advantage as the dealer cannot hit a soft 17. The players can double after splitting any two cards or split only once. However, splitting only once could reduce the chances of winning. The Atlantic City 6 deck game has a better house edge at 0.42% as compared to its Vegas counterpart.

Standard 8 deck blackjack

The standard rules apply here and the game is not very different from the 4 deck version. In standard 8 decks, players can split after doubling. This contributes to decreasing the house edge from 0.48% to 0.44%.

Rules of the Spanish 21: 8 deck blackjack

While the game follows the standard rules of the game, Spanish 21 offers rule variations. Despite the probable bonus payouts and multiple variations, the house edge is 0.42% like that of the Atlantic 6 deck model. In Spanish 21, all 10s are removed from the card deck which eventually lowers the player’s chances of getting a blackjack or even doubling or splitting to 20 or 21. Spanish 21 allows players to surrender after doubling.

Let’s get started

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Posted On: 30/08/2018

Multiple Deck Blackjack Rules & Odds
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