Quality Of Long-Term Odds Of Different Roulette Bets

Roulette game comes with different game bets like colour based bets, even-odd numbers based bets, column-based bets, set of number based bets and few others. But different bets provide different winning odds. Wanna know which ones are better? Read on to know more on the quality of different odds of Roulette bets.

Quality Of Long-Term Odds Of Different Roulette Bets

For understanding how this all works, let’s consider the European Roulette game for the case study purpose. The European Roulette game comes with a single zero and there is no double zero. In case of odds of Roulette bets let’s consider the standard odds that are available in the majority of the casinos out there. Let the wager amount be $1, while the bet types be red or black, high-low, even/odds, columns, sections.  

Betting based on Colour (Red/Black)

Out of 37 blocks on the table, 18 are coloured black. If you look percentage wise your winning odds of Roulette bets, in this case, would be 48.65%. Now, the catch here is the payout which is merely 1:1. If you played out a 1000 bets course of $1, the odds of you winning back is about 487 times. In terms of money, you will be left with $974, which is $26 fewer returns than what you actually invested.

Betting based on Sections

The sections in the Roulette table are formed by 12 rows that contain 3 numbers each. These 12 rows are further divided into sections of 4 rows each giving a total of 3 sections (3*4=12). Players can bet on any one of these three sections which means they are betting on a total of 12 numbers. The outcome odds of Roulette bets, in this case, pertains to 32.43 chances and a proper return of 2:1. If the players waged 1000 times with $1 per bet, they get a return of $972 which is $28 less than invested amount.

Betting based on Even/Odd Numbers

There are 37 numbers on the European Roulette table from 0 to 36. The bet returns for the even and odd numbers from 1 to 36 is 1:1 and zero brings loss to both these set of numbers. This means there are 18 odds of Roulette bets that could bring winning outputs while 19 odds of losing.

Now if the player bets on any of the section of number be it odd or even a 1000 times with $1 each bet, there are 487 chances of them winning. In terms of money returns, they get $974 or $26 less.

Betting on Columns and Numbers

There are 3 columns present in Roulette table each of which contains 12 numbers and zero is as usual universal loss. The payout, in this case, is 2:1 giving odds of roulette bets of 32.43%. With the 1000 times bet of $1 each, you can expect a return of 324 bets. The returns would be $972 going down $28.

In the case of numbers, there are 37 odds of roulette bets with 2.70 chance of winning. The payout is 36:1 which is appealing. Now if you bet 1000 times with $1 each bet, the winning expectation would be 27. In terms of money returns, you get $972 and a loss of $28.

Betting based on high or low numbers

Low numbers pertain to 1-18 while high numbers pertain to 19-36 on the Roulette table. Both have a payout of 1:1 ratio with 48.65% odds of roulette bets winning. As in case of even/odd or red/black section based bets, the outcome here is also $974 per 1000 bets of $1 each with a loss of $26.

So clearly, one would want to go with even/odd, red/black or high/low numbers since the loss here is less compared to the other three remaining bets.

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Quality Of Long-Term Odds Of Different Roulette Bets
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