Difference Between Live Poker And Online Poker

When it comes to excitement, both online poker and live poker have all ingredients and elements to get full marks. One of the most fundamental differences between the two is that while regular poker is played over the net, live poker is streamed online and the whole gaming process taking place in real time. So unlike the former, there is no scope for pausing or stopping in live poker. Players who wish to have an experience of playing in a land-based casino yet through the internet can opt for the live version of poker. In addition to this, there are also some more subtle differences between the two variants.

Difference Between Live Poker And Online Poker

Live Poker and Online Poker differ in bet sizing

There are certain differences between online poker and live poker in terms of bet sizing. While the online variant may have a bet sizing of 2x, 2.5x, or 3x, the live games it doesn’t have a bet sizing of opening 5x or 6x or even more in the opening itself. As the live version of poker takes place in real time, there is more chance of looser play as players are prone to calling more. This is one of the main reasons why there are more multi-way pots in the live version compared to the online version. In the case of the online version, there are more pre-flops that lead to heads-up playing conditions.

Thirdly online poker and live poker differ from each other when it comes to calling and folding. In case of the online version, players tend to opt for post-flop calls compared to the live version. In the case of the live version, quite a lot of players opt for the call option in order to minimise the chances of tough gameplay. Frankly, this makes them stay away from the embarrassment of a wrong guess. In case of the online version, there is no such instance as you do not play with other opponents in real time like a brick and mortar casino.

Live poker has a more realistic setting

When it comes to the gaming elements, a live casino has an interface that resembles the poker table of a land-based casino. This is basically done to bring in the realistic feeling to the whole setup of the game. Usually, live poker consists of 3D gaming elements that lend more attraction. Moreover, there is an audio score that brings in a level of realism. Some of the live games also have a chat option wherein you can chat with other opponents in real time. This is one of the main reasons that people nowadays are getting interested in playing live versions of poker and other casino games.

Variance is another factor that differs between online poker and live poker. In most cases, live games have a higher variance compared to the conventional poker online games. The higher the variance, the more is the chance to win big. However, losses can also be plenty in higher variance pokers. Because live poker is played in real time, all the gains and losses take place within a shorter period of time. This is why you need to play with a specific budget when it comes to playing live versions of poker.

Live poker is faster in pace

Last but not the least; the pace of the game in online poker is faster than that of live poker. Compared to five hands of live poker, it is possible to play 30 hands in poker online. In some variants of the online version, you can even play 60 hands in an hour. With the emergence of multi-table games, the number of hands has increased considerably.

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Author: Alexandra Buckle

Posted On: 25/12/2018

Difference Between Live Poker And Online Poker
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