The Differences Between Live Dealer and RNG Games

Online casinos have made its way to our desktops and mobile phones. Now the casino games at Red Spins can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Modern casino games can be separated into two categories – RNG and Live Games. RNG (Random Number Generator) games are generally called as online casino games. Both the categories have a lot of fans and also the debate between which one of them is the best has been going on since both of them entered the casino industry. Our online casino has carefully studied games residing on both the categories and have listed out the differences between them.

The Differences Between Live Dealer and RNG Games

Number of games available

RNG games are numerous in number. In most cases on a regular basis, a new RNG game is launched to the casino market. The reason for the more number of games under RNG category is due to the aid of themes. Themes help the developers to create a number of games with same rules but with a different appeal. Themes are selected based on the famous movies, stories and so on. This helps the player to be engaged and interested. In the case of Live Dealer games, few varieties are available due to various restrictions.

Social interaction

In most of the RNG games, the players don’t get the feel of having a contact with other players. But, whereas, in live casino games, the players can interact with the dealers through the live chat option.

Real Casino Feel

Since the player gets the live feed of a real dealer and the set up a real casino in live casino games he will get the feel of being in a real casino. This impact the gameplay. Whereas in the case of RNG games though high-quality graphics are used we are still a long way to match graphics with reality.

The speed of the gameplay

Since in RNG games most of the gameplay is automated the time required for the process is pretty less. On the other hand in live casino games, the live dealer has to perform the actions such as placing chips, handling cards etc. which consumes some amount of time.

Just because the online casino games are automated doesn’t mean that the results are predetermined. The reason for calling RNG casino games as online casino games is because they use special algorithms to generate random results every time.

Wagering levels

In most of the RNG games, the stakes involved are lower when compared to the stakes involved in live casino games.

On the whole, both the games have their own significance. The players should choose the game accordingly suiting their needs and requirements. To experience both types of games, the players can visit Red Spins online casino and enjoy some amazing welcome offers on joining us today.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 28/09/2017

The Differences Between Live Dealer and RNG Games
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