How to Play Blackjack Party?

Blackjack party is indeed an enthralling game that is on offer at almost all live casinos that host incredible games offered by Evolution Gaming.

The vibrant colours and the splendid live gaming environment make this one of the most popular live games. The best thing is that the game is suitable for all kinds of players including small stake players and high rollers. This game also attracts players who do have a massive bankroll and just want to enjoy a few hands in playing the game live.

How to Play Blackjack Party?

What makes Blackjack party a lucrative option?

  • Fun environment with a friendly interface, two presenters, live chat option and great music.
  • Comprises of all blackjack features such as insurance, doubling down, splitting pairs and pre-decision.
  • 21+3 and perfect pairs side bets.
  • The low stake of £5 for seating players and even lower for bet behind players (£0.50).

How to play Blackjack party?

Acing this game is not a daunting task. This low-stakes, party-style version of Live Blackjack game follows all the rules of the main game. After placing the initial bet, you need to take a clear look at your cards and decide whether you wish to double down, split hit or stand. Once you have made a move, it would be the turn of the live dealer to reveal their cards. The players need to draw 3 to 2 and the dealer needs to draw to 17. The party table is a seven-seater table and comes with an option to bet behind. The game can host around 500 players which imply that you can play the game even when the table is fully occupied. Those occupying the table get to enjoy various features like insurance, doubling down, splitting pairs, pre-decision, perfect pairs and side bets 21+3.

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How does Bet Behind Feature work in this game?

Here is an explanation of how the Bet Behind feature works. Here you place a bet on the boxes of other players. You can choose a player whom you believe to be playing wisely by following strategies and winning several hands. If that player wins while making a decision, then you win.
If they lose, you end up losing your stake too. This feature is quite simple and does not require you to take any action apart from placing the bet. The only downside is that you are counting on somebody else’s choices in order to win or lose the stake.

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This is an interesting variant of the regular Blackjack game. The vivid colours and interesting features lure every enthusiast. We are one of the reliable online gambling sites where you can try your luck playing this fun yet fascinating game. You would be spoilt for choice at the wide selection of games hosted by this incredible casino platform.

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Posted On: 22/11/2018

How to Play Blackjack Party?
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