Live Casino Etiquette: How to Behave When Playing Live Dealer Games?

Online casinos, apart from the obvious convenience it offers, also gives you a free hand at gameplay. You can play any game without knowing its rules, dress in any way you like or lie over your bed lazily. Modern technology also ensures that no one can make illegal bets or chide and distract other players or the dealer.

Live Casino Etiquette: How to Behave When Playing Live Dealer Games?

All of such behaviour is completely negated upon a visit to a Live Casino. Live Casino etiquette demands the players to be proficient in the art of behaving at a casino. This ensures that other participants or the casino dealer are not affected by any unruly surprise thrown at them. The basic Live Casino etiquettes that every player needs to follow are as follows:

Knowledge of Game Rules Is an Important Part of Live Casino Etiquette

Nothing can be more distracting to a Live Casino dealer and other players than a newbie jumping around to ask game rules in the middle of strictly time-bound gameplay. In such cases, the uninformed player must turn to a similar version of the game at an online casino and understand the rules. Some online games are also available as a demo without staking real money to play them. These automated tables get the closest to a Live Casino while allowing you to learn and experience the whole game without betting for real money.

A Seat at the Table

Live Casino etiquette also demands that players determine the minimum and maximum betting requirements of seats at a Live Casino before deciding to bet at the table. It makes more sense to sit at a seat that fits your bankroll instead of taking a spot suitable for someone else. 

Selfie Sticks Not Allowed

Most of the world’s casinos do not permit customers to take photos of the gaming floor. The security team handling the Live Casino etiquette may sound you out in a harsh manner and even ask you to leave if things get out of control for the casino.

Hold Your Liquor

Players drinking excess alcohol at the casino stand a chance of disrupting the table and displaying lousy behaviour. It can also lead to rebuking dealer and poor gambling decisions with a very real possibility of finishing off your bankroll at the casino. It is advisable to either abstain or be able to hold your drinks in order to preserve one’s dignity at the table.

Listening to the Dealer

It makes a great deal of sense in terms of economics and etiquette to hear what the dealer has to say and not treat him like a punching bag. As a thumb rule, when the gameplay is being directed by the dealer, players must keep their ear to the ground as all instructions by casino representatives are effectively binding. So, when the croupier at the Roulette table declares, ‘no more bets’, he means every ounce of it. 

Players unsure about gameplay rules and Live Casino etiquette must enrol for fresher classes at the casino or watch the action before participating. Behaving like a gentleman and thanking the dealer will go a long way in burnishing your reputation at the Live Casino.

Tipping Etiquette

Barring a few countries where rules prohibit dealers to accept tips, Live Casino etiquette expects players to tip the dealer a reasonable amount upon deciding to leave the casino table. However, there is no pressure to give away a large amount of your fortune and a few dollars on every win.

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Posted On: 02/07/2019

Live Casino Etiquette: How to Behave When Playing Live Dealer Games?
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