How Casinos Are Designed to Keep You Playing for Longer!

Shopping is a mysterious art!  And the design of products creates an impression into the minds of the buyers smartly to influence them to buy more. Everything around is designed in a particular way to influence buyer behaviour. It’s a smart world!

How Casinos Are Designed to Keep You Playing for Longer!

From grocery stores to children toys – the layout are always designed to keep customers on their edge of purchase. The discounted items remain on the back shelves while the impulse purchases are put right on the billing counter. And all of these designs are drawn a lot from the casino layouts!

There are majorly two schools from which the casino layouts draw inspiration from. Let us dig in a bit more to find out just how casinos are designed to keep us playing for longer!

The Classic Casino Layout by Friedman

Friedman principles of casino design were a remarkable blueprint of how a casino can be designed for maximum benefits. Friedman changed his passion into a career becoming a casino consultant. He worked with the casino designers to bring in more indulgence from gamblers who walked into the casino.

Friedman laid out quite a lot of principles like blocking natural light from the casino to make gamblers forget the time they spend in a casino, labyrinth design of floor to attract more inward exploration, high ceilings for maximum impression, arranging slot games in a maze format, and putting the gambling desks within 10 feet of the entrance door. His concept was clear – customers need to be sucked in right away and then make it hard for them to leave!

For decades Friedman ruled the casino designs arena laying down the basic ideas of decorating a casino. This was soon followed by Roger Thomas the next big name in casino design!

The Adult Casino Experience With Roger Thomas – The Playground!

Having worked with a lot of hotels and lobbies and getting to meet Wynn in the 1980s, Roger Thomas began designing the casino floor layouts only after associating with Bellagio! The older concepts had been acknowledged by the customers and made them feel trapped by the common décor in most casinos.

Wynn and Thomas scrutinized just how the customers needed a rather safe and relaxed environment to gamble more. The old décor was soon replaced by the renewed versions where the emphasis was on making customer feel grand and safe. Glamorous spaces were designed that would make people feel rich. Who doesn’t like feeling rich?

With The Playground concept, Thomas brought a more relaxed and safe environment in casino making access, browsing and comfort as the key. Players could navigate their games easily and felt more relaxed in the Playground environment. This reminded players that they could actually have fun and be relaxed in a casino. Enough motivation to place more bets for the players!

Casino Designs With the New Age Online Casinos

When it comes to the online casinos the game design matters more than the casino layouts! Researches were done on numerous online casinos to find the impact of the casino design on the consumer behavior. And the results were gratifying.

About 1-5% of customers only had intense gambling requirements. Others included infrequent gamblers who played in moderation and were more influenced by new avatars and gambling design rather than the casino layout. Most online casinos today feature Friedman casino designs. The Thomas casino layouts work on only the players who are not normally consistent with gambling.

Gamification brings about the best impact on the users of today, changing their behaviour and preference to stay for good!

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 04/04/2019

How Casinos Are Designed to Keep You Playing for Longer!
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