Gambling Stories of Celebrities

Gambling has never been as accessible as it’s these days, thanks to plenty of online casinos sites. With high Internet speed and various devices like smartphones, tablets and desktops, people play numerous casino games and entertain themselves easily. Celebrities are no exception! Many famous celebrities are into online gambling, be it for fun or business or passion. Read on to know more about their gambling stories!

Gambling Stories of Celebrities

Gambling Stories of Cameron Diaz- The Miss Texas Hold’em

Here is another talented and beautiful actress who took obsession for the Poker game of Texas Hold’em. Cameron Diaz wasn’t really into gambling until she received an invitation from Ellen Degeneres for participating in a charity event which was organised through the game of No Limit Hold’em (a variant of Poker game Texas Hold’em ). Her gambling stories continue and she finds herself in love with Poker. Later in 2010, the Maxim magazine also elected her as the “Miss Texas Hold’em” making her one of the strongest celebrities in this game!

Sean Connery – The James Bond going for Roulette

Roulette is a pretty easy and entertaining game at the same time. No wonder it has got so many fans! Sean Connery is the one who kick-started the epic role of James Bond through movies. He played James Bond in the first five James Bond movies. Just like Jennifer, even Sean is a huge fan of Roulette game and he inherited this passion from his dad. One of his gambling stories goes way back to 1963 in one of Italy’s casinos. He kept betting repeatedly on 17, his favourite number and eventually is said to have won a whopping 15 million lira.

Texas Hold’em with Rafael Nadal

For being among the top Tennis players of the world, you might think Rafael Nadal is only obsessed with Tennis. But he is more than that! Not long ago, in 2010, Rafael discovered his love for another game that belongs to the casino – Texas Hold’em. Rafael has admitted that he plays Texas Hold’em whenever he gets free time and is passionate about it. He has also said that after completing his tennis career, he might think of going big into Poker. One way is by participating in World Series of Poker. Let’s hope for him to create as many amazing gambling stories as possible.

Jennifer Lopez’s passion for Roulette

Well, this lady is a power pack of beauty, hotness, talent and what not! Jennifer is also passionate about one of the happening casino games – Roulette! The Puerto Rican beauty has always been vocal about it. She seems to have got this knack from her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez! Jennifer revealed one of the gambling stories about her mom on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Apparently, her mom had won $2.4 million by playing slots machine game at the Borgata Casino which is in the Atlantic City of New Jersey. Well, then it’s safe to say like mother like daughter!

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Posted On: 22/01/2019

Gambling Stories of Celebrities
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