The Future of Online Casinos – A Look Ahead

The first online casino was introduced to the world in 1994, and the evergreen gambling industry has been evolving rapidly since then. Almost 25 years into online casinos, one must think the industry’s prime days are coming to an end soon. But that is definitely not the case! The online casinos are reigning now more than ever and the feat is going to continue.

Based on the figures published in the “Global Online Gambling Market- by Type, Device, Regions- Market Size, Demand Forecasts, Industry trends and Updates (2014-2020)”, the value of online casinos in 2014 was $35.97 billion and is expected grow up to a massive rate of $66.59 billion till 2020. This is based on a proper 10.81 per cent of Compound Annual Growth Rate.

The Future of Online Casinos - A Look Ahead

Shaping the present and future of the online casinos

There is no one particular reason to give credit to the success of online casinos. It rather is the culmination of various reasons – time and again cropping up- that has lead to the success of this industry. Changes in the casino games, the the addition of new games, emergence of digital technologies in the world of online casinos, legalisation of online gambling by many countries and many other reasons are backing for the triumph of this industry.

A lively game with Live Dealer

After a while, some games are bound to bore the players. As of now, many table games are facing this heat. Some players are tired of dealing with the graphically generated dealer. Hence, the developers of the online table games have gone on to introduce humans as live dealers to give their customers a more lively experience of the game. It is similar to the land-based casinos, where players can interact with the dealers and other players, during the game.

This done through live streaming the casino studio where everything is real, from human dealers to real cards, Roulette tables, Baccarat tables, chips, dice and such. There is no hint of graphics involved in the game here. Many leading online casinos are either renting or building their own casinos for live dealing. As of the recent, one of the leading developers Playtech went on to finish the construction of the live dealer studio which is considered as the world’s largest.

Virtual Casinos for Real Experience

VR technology is basically a 3D environment that can be accessed through VR glasses or headset. The environment is graphically made and players get to experience this virtual environment as such a real one.

Through VR technology, players can experience many aspects of a land-based casino like moving around the casino to choose the table, placing the cards, chips, cocktail waitresses and such.

Many games are now based on virtual reality (VR) technology, the newest trend in the casino industry. Games like Poker, slots, table games like Roulette, Blackjack among others are currently trending through VR technology.

Not just a few games, an entire VR based online casino has also been developed and the players can now sign up to enjoy their favourite games. The first ever VR based online casino is now been introduced by SlotsMillion Company.

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Posted On: 27/12/2018

The Future of Online Casinos – A Look Ahead
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